How to Turn on YouTube Comments as a Viewer?

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing network.While YouTube is undeniably a popular platform for entertainment material, it is also an important source of instruction and learning. On YouTube, there are numerous instructional sites that provide useful information on a variety of topics such as science, history, and arithmetic.Many people have established lucrative jobs on YouTube, making large sums of money through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

There are many videos on YouTube that provide information and tips on movers and packers services. Here are some examples:

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  5. “How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers?” by This video explains the factors that can affect the cost of hiring movers, including distance, size of the home, and the type of moving services needed.

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YouTube has stringent community standards that prohibit violent, sexually explicit, or hateful material. Furthermore, YouTube has put in place a number of safeguards to ensure that its material is safe and suitable for its users. This involves using artificial intelligence to identify and delete inappropriate material, as well as human reviews by a moderator team.

With videos and channels devoted to activism and advocacy, the platform has also made a significant contribution to social and political campaigns across the globe.

Overall, YouTube has grown into a crucial component of the online environment, providing millions of viewers all over the world with a vast and varied selection of content.

YouTube is a multifaceted platform that provides a plethora of entertainment, education, and job possibilities. While there are several myths regarding the platform, it is critical to understand the facts and advantages of using it. YouTube has something for everyone, whether you’re a producer or a watcher.

How to turn on YouTube comments as a viewer :

Before anything else, it is critical to comprehend why the comments area may be blocked. For a variety of reasons, YouTube permits video producers to deactivate comments on their videos. The creator, for example, may wish to prevent negative remarks or hate speech. Additionally, comments can be blocked if the video’s material is delicate or controversial. YouTube gives artists the choice to disable comments in such situations.

However, if you want to enable YouTube remarks on a specific video as a viewer, here are some measures to take:

Step 1: Check if comments are disabled :

Before you attempt to enable comments, make sure the comments area is enabled on the video you’re viewing. Scroll to the bottom of the movie and see if the comments area is available. If you can’t see the comments area, it’s because the video’s creator has blocked comments.

Step 2: Try using a different device or browser :

 Because of technological problems with your device or browser, remarks may not always be accessible. As a result, you can test whether the comments area is accessible by using a different device or browser. If you see remarks on another device or browser, it indicates the problem is with your current device or browser.

Step 3: Check if the creator has enabled comments on their channel :

Some producers may choose to block comments on their complete channel rather than just specific videos. Go to the creator’s channel website and see if comments are available on their other videos to see if they have enabled comments. If the creator has blocked comments on all of their videos, it indicates that they have stopped comments on their channel.

Step 4: Check if the video has been age-restricted :

Certain kinds of material, such as nudity or violence, are prohibited by YouTube’s community guidelines. If a movie violates these standards, it may be restricted to people of a certain age. remarks are blocked by default in age-restricted movies to avoid inappropriate remarks. Look for an age limitation notice on the video thumbnail or description to see if it is age-restricted.

Step 5: Enable comments from your YouTube settings:

If none of the preceding methods work, it is possible that your YouTube preferences have blocked comments. Follow these procedures to allow comments from your YouTube settings:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account by going to the website.
  2. In the upper right area of the screen, click on your profile icon.
  3. Choose “Settings” from the selection list.
  4. From the left-hand option, select “Channel.”
  5. Scroll down to “Defaults” and select “Advanced settings.”
  6. Make sure the “Allow comments” option is selected under the “Comments and ratings” area.
  7. To save your modifications, click “Save.”

Step 6: Report any inappropriate comments :

While allowing comments can be helpful for interacting with other viewers, some remarks may be inappropriate or violate YouTube’s community standards. In such situations, you can report the remark by hitting the three dots next to it and choosing “Report.” YouTube will examine the report and, if required, take action.


At last, if you want to enable YouTube remarks as a viewer, there are several actions you can take. First, verify to see if the video’s comments are blocked. If this does not work, try an alternative device or browser. There is nothing you can do if comments are blocked on the full channel. Check to see if the video is age-restricted, as comments are blocked by default in age-restricted videos. If none of these steps work, you can allow comments on YouTube by following the steps outlined above. Finally, if you come across any inappropriate remarks, please report them to YouTube so that the site can stay a secure and positive place for all.

While allowing remarks can increase involvement and contact with other users, there are some measures that should be taken to ensure a positive experience. As a watcher, it is critical to honour others and refrain from making negative or rude remarks. Furthermore, it is critical to be conscious of YouTube’s community standards and to refrain from posting comments that violate these guidelines. By adhering to these best practices, viewers can add to a positive and inviting YouTube community.

As a user, turning on YouTube comments [read more] is a straightforward procedure that includes checking to see if comments are blocked, attempting a different device or browser, allowing comments from your YouTube preferences, and reporting any improper remarks. Viewers can interact with other viewers, share their thoughts and views, and add to a good community on YouTube by enabling comments.

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