Why Travel Insurance Plans are Costlier for Senior Citizens

Most people who know about travel insurance wish to buy one when planning to travel abroad, but as travel insurance plans are not cheap, certain things need to be kept in mind when making a budget for a trip. 

These things include factors which can drive up the cost of the premium for your travel insurance. These factors can be anything from a pre-diagnosed medical condition to something you might do on the trip or, in some instances, the insured’s age. 

But why does this happen? What are the other factors to consider when applying for travel insurance, and what are the benefits offered by travel insurance for senior citizens?

Why buy a travel insurance plan?

For those wondering why they need to buy travel insurance, the main reason is that mishaps don’t look for a time or place to hit. You might miss a train, or a connecting flight, have your travel cancelled and lose your non-refundable deposits. To protect from those circumstances, purchasing a travel insurance plan is essential.

Especially for senior citizens who are more susceptible to illness and other risks, purchasing a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan and protecting themselves from it is imperative. 

What are the factors which affect premium prices?

There are several factors which have an impact on premium prices. These factors range from the nature and destination of the trip to the optional coverages chosen, the number of travellers, the age of the travellers, and any existing medical conditions. 

These are some of the main things which affect premium prices, and depending on them, your premium prices can increase or decrease. 

What are the benefits of having a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan?

There are several benefits linked with travel insurance, depending on the insurer. These range from base benefits offered by basic plans as well as additional optional covers that can be availed, such as OPD services, medical evacuation, personal accident and death coverage, adventure sports, and loss of documents coverage. 

In the case of senior citizens, though, there are certain key benefits offered to them with Senior citizen Travel Insurance, such as:

  • Health Card

Getting a health card which notes all of the previous history is one of the benefits offered with Senior citizen Travel Insurance. This is because it greatly eases the stress of carrying tons of paperwork for availing insurance benefits.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

Around the world and in India, a high percentage of senior citizens have pre-existing medical conditions. So certain insurers provide coverage for hospitalisation and medical care for these conditions.

  • Universal Travel Pass

After the covid-19 pandemic, several countries have mandated health travel insurance, and insurers have heard this call by offering a universal travel pass to allow a hassle-free travel experience.

Which is the best Senior citizen Travel Insurance provider?

I am 40 years old, and my parents are slightly getting on with their age. When my wife and I considered going to Mauritius with them and decided to get travel insurance, I only trusted Niva Bupa to give the best insurance. 

My entire family has been insured by Niva Bupa Health Insurance and had a great experience, so we also decided to go with Niva Bupa for their travel insurance. It was thankfully both within our budget and offered complete coverage for them, allowing me and my wife to rest assured that they will be fine. 

Final Thoughts

Closing the thought, although it might feel unfair to have to pay a higher premium for senior citizens, it is necessary to consider the factors such as a higher predisposition to illness, increased chances of claims, lesser number of insurers available, pre-existing health conditions, and decrease in everyday functioning. 


So I understand where they come from and am glad for insurers like Niva Bupa who still offer Senior citizen Travel Insurance at an affordable price.

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