Light Weight but Strong in Protection


To date, paper cylinder packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. 

The paper cylinder packing box is known by many names: cylinder paper box, paper can and round box packaging.

Its biggest feature is its round shape. From the production point of view, it is a cylinder box with the outer cylinder, the pipe, and the inner mounting layer made of paper.  


The cylindrical box is light in weight, very easy to transport, environmentally-friendly, and is used mostly by the food and cosmetics industries and some other groups. At present, the paper cylinder made from recycled paper is also growing in popularity.

Many industries have been widely using this paper tube packaging due to its excellent performance. At present, many fields are using it as cosmetics packaging, essential oil packaging, food packaging, and more. 

The quality of the paper tube packaging is that the edge of the paper tube packaging has no crease, and the other printing processes are also very good. Manufacturers are now using paper tube packaging for their products and also because of its benefits.


At present, the automated production of cylindrical box packaging machinery is higher than that of ordinary paper gift boxes, it consumes less labor, and the relative price is 40%. This is 60% cheaper than the bottom of the paper gift box.

The shape of the box need not be like a gift box, but also can be beer-shaped cardboard, slotting, manual-folding, laminating, a few processes can be formed. The consideration is that it is made by a professional paper cylinder machine according to the customized paper diameter pipe.

The box is also easier to mount than a regular square gift box. With the help of a machine, large quantities of mounting paper can be installed efficiently. This mechanized production becomes a price advantage of round box packaging.

Light and durable

When compared to tin boxes and other packing receptacles, the round boxes are light in weight and easy to handle. It is supported mainly by a strong paper cylinder core.

It is also very strong and durable. The product can be well protected during transportation. Customers can keep the boxes after use, reuse them or use them as home storage boxes.

Environmental protection

Like paper gift boxes, paper cylinder boxes are also made of paper, which is an environmentally friendly material. As we all know, paper-based materials are the most environmentally friendly materials.

They are taken from nature and can be naturally degraded after being discarded, causing no harm to the environment.

Because the composition material is paper, the paper cylinder box has the environmental protection characteristics of paper: a natural material, easy to degrade, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Customized printing 

As we all know, in the more than two thousand years since Cai Lun invented paper in China, the kinds of paper have become more and more abundant.

Thy come in as white-coated paper, kraft paper, black paper, colorful fancy paper,and  different lines of a special paper, and so on. Like what everyone knows, paper can be printed in a variety of rich design patterns, color or in black and white. 


Also, it can be used for rich surface treatment or decorations, such as bronzing, bump/concave, over light/matte/tactile, silkscreen marks, and many other designs.

With the installation and printing the face paper as designed by the customer on the outside, the drum box can obtain a rich look and pattern design. It candisplay the product in the introduction box, and attracting the customer’s attention (which is the actual purpose in promoting the customer’s brand).

Variety of products

The cylindrical gift box packaging is suitable for all types of packaging. It can be used as packaging boxes for cosmetics, mobile phones, nuts, biscuits, food, T-shirts, round pencil boxes, round candle boxes, glass bottle boxes, delicate round flowers and other electronic 

There are now more and more customers are paying attention to the environment and practicing sustainability in everything in their daily lives, including their own buying behavior.

Like what many people knows, PET cans, metal cans, and paper tubes are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable, compared to other coffee packagingsuch as multilayer bags and pouches.

Conscious about the environment

When consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is necessary to look for more environmentally friendly packaging options so that your customers can enjoy their delicious product in a sustainable way.

What is better is that with a “green” brand image, you have a better chance of winning your competition and getting more repeat customers.

However, like so many other things, there are a few contrarian concerns about the paper cylinder. All these concerns are directed to the manufacturers and not the consumers.

Unit package price

Paper cylinder packaging has a much higher unit packaging cost regardless of the quantity ordered as compared to zipper bags and bags,.For manufacturers, whether to use paper tube in packaging their product actually depends on the positioning of the product brand.

 If your product is aimed at the higher end of the market, probably they can afford this packaging price point. On the other hand, if the price of the product is targeted to the low end of the mass market, then paper cylinder packaging may not be the right packaging choice.

Freight costs

For Western manufacturers buying paper cylinder packaging from China or elsewhere abroad, shipping costs become an important aspect to be concerned about.Unlike bags, which can be pressed flat for transport, paper cylinders take up more space during transport.

For air transport, in particular, more space means higher costs. If the pipe is large and transported by air, transportation costs may be too high. To save on transport costs, they can only make purchases in large orders, and in advanced to ship by sea.

Last notes

Paper cylinder packaging is becoming popular all over the world. This is mainly due to the many benefits it provides for the product makers and end consumers which makes for a win-win case.

Paper cylinder is light and easy to transport but they can still provide good protection for the packaged products from damage and contamination. These days, paper cylinder packaging is widely used in cosmetics, food, and other different industries. 

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