Know More About Nursing Jobs in Australia


Nursing is a paid occupation that involves caring for an individual or the family to help them maintain or recover the best health. We can differentiate nurses from other medical workers by their way of taking care of the patients and training; their roles differ from others. In this modern world, there is a number of nursing specialties. Nurses are more in the healthcare department, but some reports still say educated nurses are unavailable internationally. 


Few roles of a nurse: 

  1. Care: providing a patient with care, comfort, and the right treatment.
  2. Patient’s educational medium: it is the nurse’s duty to make the patient understand the illness clearly, their medication, and treatment. They are mainly responsible for telling the family what to do and how to do things after discharge, basically educating them with the right knowledge. 
  3. Planning for treatment: although doctors, physicians, and nurse practitioners make the final treatment decision, a nurse also has a very important role in making plans for the patient. This is because the nurse knows the patients individually; they check on them daily and know their patients well.
  4. Patient support: Nurses support the patient’s family or loved ones during crucial times. Often nurses counsel and explain the patient the treatment. They are there for their emotional, physical, and mental support. 
  5. Performing tests: Nurses may perform a lot of tests for the patients and, check vitals every day, collect samples of blood, urine, and other things as prescribed by the doctor. 
  6. Physical examinations: Nurses conduct physical examinations like checking body temperature, the weight of the patient, blood pressure, and heartbeat, basically all the physical tests required by the doctor for treatment. 
  7. Handle medical equipment: when the nurses/doctors conduct any kind of test, they use medical equipment which nurses handle, like BP machines, thermometers, pulse oximeters, etc. 


Nurses are in very high demand in Australia due to the increasing population. Becoming a nurse is a challenging task, but it has a great source of income. Nurses build a great bond with patients as well as doctors. Being a nurse in Australia provides you with job security. The Australian Requirements of being a nurse are first to give an English proficiency test which includes the IELTS; secondly, a person from a foreign country should meet the requirements for Australian nursing, such as a nursing degree from the UK, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Canada. Australian nurses work for an average of 38 hours. Australian nurses can be of any age and gender; although the women’s community has dominated it but is becoming a popular profession amongst the men’s community. Nurses in Australia are given holidays and paid leaves for vacations such as Christmas, Easter, and New Year. An Average day in a nurse’s life is filled with joy, love, hard work, and maybe some downfalls. But altogether, it is a great profession to choose in Australia.


Nurses usually work under doctors. Nurses have important tasks such as preparing patients for surgeries, assisting doctors during surgeries, providing proper medication, helping patients, taking care of patient’s needs, and being the emotional support of the patient’s parents and the dear ones. There are different types of nurses, such as Emergency nurses, who help after accidents, critically ill, during surgeries, and when injured. 


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