Expert Tips To Get More Traffic On Your BigCommerce Website

If you’re utilizing a platform for online shopping, such as BigCommerce, your ranking in search results will depend heavily on the level of optimization your website possesses. As a result, many business owners turn to SEO agencies for assistance, as achieving desired outcomes can be daunting without getting help from experts.

While many reputable BigCommerce SEO agencies openly discuss their methods for driving traffic to their client’s sites, not all do that. In this blog, we will uncover the benefits of hiring a BigCommerce Developer for your website and how it helps in the SEO of your website – 

Here is a List of Benefits of Hiring a BigCommerce Developer

On-page SEO Optimization –

On-page SEO optimization is a crucial weapon in the arsenal of a BigCommerce SEO agency. This strategy involves arranging all website elements in a way that helps improve your search ranking and attract relevant traffic. The process includes optimizing HTML page source code, visibly written text, and hidden tags. On-site SEO assists search engines in comprehending the content on your website pages. It also helps visitors understand the purpose of each page and whether it accurately answers their search query. 

The primary objective of search engines like Google is to assist individuals in locating what they are looking for. Thus, effective on-site SEO enables search engines to understand the relevance and value of your pages to readers. By providing positive signals that your website is a reliable source with high authority on the subject, you increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Off-Page Optimization – 

An efficient BigCommerce SEO agency understands that on-page optimization is just one piece of the puzzle, and they also focus on off-site SEO optimization. Off-site optimization refers to a range of techniques aimed at driving traffic to your website, including

  • Encouraging social media mentions of your brand
  • Active participation in industry forums to increase visibility
  • Utilizing social media comments to your advantage
  • Reaching out to influential people in your industry
  • Offering guest posts
  • Implementing broken link-building strategies
  • Leveraging social networking platforms
  • Making use of social bookmarking

Off-page SEO is essential for building your website’s domain authority and increasing brand recognition. Neglecting this crucial aspect could lead to your competitors outranking your website regularly.

Create Quality Content –

As per any proficient BigCommerce SEO agency, content holds the utmost significance. With it, the possibility of your website ranking well increases considerably. Every link on the search engine results page has a piece of content, be it an article, blog post, or any other engaging material. Quality content forms the bedrock of your website’s structure, and it’s also the best way to ensure that researched keywords appear at the right frequency throughout your site. 

Great content provides readers value, attracting the right audience to your site. Consequently, this increases the likelihood of visitors taking action once they land on your website. Moreover, they are more likely to share your content with others, expanding your reach even further. 

Compelling content will naturally boost your SERP rankings, as Google can distinguish between good and poor content, including the helpfulness of embedded links. As a result, your website is placed above those sites regarded as not helpful.

Optimization of Keywords –

One should hire a BigCommerce developer because the professionals will also focus on discovering appropriate and significant keywords tailored to your eCommerce pursuits. These keywords will align with your industry and the items you offer. Utilized to enhance your website or incorporated within a Pay Per Click strategy to increase website visits.

Your appointed BigCommerce SEO company will investigate your competitors, search volumes, and the level of competition and formulate a list of concise and extensive keywords that will attract the desired target audience. 

Why are Keywords Important?

Ask any expert in search engine optimization, the first step they will follow is thoroughly investigating the most suitable keywords for your business. The expert will also consider your industry, niche, and other relevant factors in determining the right keywords. This crucial step provides valuable insights into enhancing your online presence and promoting business growth.

The research provides information on the exact terms prospective customers use to search for products or services similar to yours. It also sheds light on the level of competition for each potential keyword, enabling you to develop an effective content marketing strategy. All these tasks can be efficiently done with an expert BigCommerce team. 

Benefits of Hiring a BigCommerce Agency for SEO

Make your site easy to use –

One of the key services provided by your BigCommerce SEO agency is to enhance the navigation of your website. This is important because a badly designed shopping experience is likely to discourage potential customers. 

The agency accomplishes this by optimizing your site’s hierarchy, ensuring that users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for with minimal clicks. The goal is to have no more than three clicks between the user and the desired product or information. If the navigation is more complex than this, it will only serve to make the purchasing process more difficult.

Website navigation should be easy – 

Website visitors are primarily concerned with three things: 1) identifying the nature of the website they are on, 2) tracking their progress on the pages they have already viewed, and 3) discovering other pages they can browse. Addressing these queries not only increases session length, interaction, and interest but also leads to higher conversions.

The success of your brand recognition depends on how effectively visitors navigate your website. When you offer a transparent and organized navigation system, visitors tend to stay longer on your site. This is because they can easily find what they were initially searching for, which results in a positive user experience.

Improve the speed of your website – 

Besides optimizing your site hierarchy, your BigCommerce SEO partner will also focus on improving your site’s loading speed. A sluggish site can adversely affect your sales figures, so addressing this issue is crucial. 

Additionally, Google considers the loading speed of your site as one of the factors while ranking it. Therefore, a slow-loading site can negatively impact the customer experience, decreasing traffic and potential sales. In short, you’ll lose out on customers who may have shown interest in your offerings if your site takes less time to load.

Mobile-optimized ecommerce website – 

The final technique utilized by BigCommerce SEO agencies to enhance website traffic is mobile optimization. It’s crucial to distinguish between the terms ‘mobile-friendly’ and ‘mobile-optimized’ since they hold different meanings. Although mobile-friendly websites are operational, they may not provide all the features of a mobile-optimized site. 

Typically, a mobile-optimized site is a compact version of the primary site that appears professional yet is relatively elementary. However, mobile-optimized sites usually include text-based email addresses or phone numbers that can be utilized to initiate direct communication with you as an online store owner on mobile devices.

Mobile optimization is one step further – 

When an SEO agency specializing in BigCommerce optimizes your e-commerce website for mobile devices, they go beyond ensuring proper display and focus on enhancing navigation to improve user experience. 

This is a critical aspect to consider. By optimizing for mobile, your online store will feature larger navigation buttons, content, and images that are reformatted to fit perfectly on the screen. This ensures that your customers can easily find what they are looking for and have a seamless shopping experience.

The Benefits of Mobile Optimization – 

Having a mobile-optimized website is crucial in today’s digital world. It involves having a responsive website design that may cost more but guarantees that your site functions effectively across all devices. In fact, research shows that 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase on their device within the last six months; hence, mobile optimization should not be overlooked. The advantages of having a mobile-optimized website are numerous, including:

  • Enhancing the user experience
  • Improving website speed
  • Boosting user engagement
  • Increasing the average time spent on your site

All of these benefits are interrelated and contribute to the overall success of your website. A poor user experience can drive visitors away from your site, never to return. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize mobile optimization.


The techniques we’ve discussed here are just the beginning of what a professional BigCommerce SEO agency can offer to generate sales for your business. Numerous supplementary strategies work in harmony to create a website that functions effectively on your behalf. Acquiring this expertise requires significant effort and time, making it unlikely to be attained by independently studying the subject. So, if you are looking for genuine help and planning to hire a BigCommerce developer then Makkpress Technologies is the ultimate team to trust. We have a highly professional and experienced team who have worked on plenty of BigCommerce projects and can help you in the best way possible to make your brand achieve great results. 

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