Trendy Colours & Patterns: Suit Sets for this Rakshabandhan

Suit Sets

Rakshabandhan is coming soon, and you have yet to decide what to wear. Worry not we can help you with that. But first, let’s talk about how special this occasion is, Rakshabandhan celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. This day is celebrated with lots of sweets and family gatherings. Everyone, especially women, dress up in beautiful and elegant traditional outfits.  But one of the most popular outfits is a suit set. Suit sets are a favourite choice because of their versatility and elegance.

 In this blog post, we will talk about all the trendy styles, colours, prints, and patterns of suit sets.Suit sets are traditional yet modern outfit choices for women. One of the popular choices is a black suit set these days. But the market is brimming with many more colourful and elegant suit sets fo this festive occasion.Ditch your regular outfits and celebrate this Raksha Bandhan by wearing elegant suit sets. Let’s explore a wide variety of suit sets you can get this Raksha Bandhan

Trending Colours and Patterns for Raksha Bandhan Suit Sets

If you know what colour and pattern suits you the most, then it will save you a lot of time. Here we will tell you about some of the trendiest colours and patterns in suit sets. With the right colours, you can rock your traditional look, and with the right patterns, you can enhance your outfits into something extraordinary. Here are trendy colours and pattern designs in suit sets.

Bold and Vibrant Colour

Going for bold and vibrant colours is never a bad choice when it comes to Indian festivals. These bold and vibrant colours will make you stand out and enhance your skin tone. Go for bold colours like rani pink suit or deep red, royal blue, emerald green, and vine colour. In these colours, you will not only look confident but feel the aura of these colours. Pair them with matching or contrasting dupattas. Choose the ones with detailed embroidery and designer sleeves. Even if you like to wear a solid-coloured suit set, these vibrant colours will make you stand out and add an extra dose of cheer and boldness to the occasion.

Floral Prints 

You can select floral print suits because they are a timeless choice. Floral prints have been popular since they came into the market because of their beautiful and versatile designs. These floral patterns give a fresh and feminine vibe to your outfit. Floral print suits give a romantic and delicate look with a touch of nature with their flower prints. To get that ideal traditional look, wear a suit with a matching dupatta and bottoms. These days floral prints with pastel colours are the top choice because they look so elegant and sophisticated. Floral Prints comes in a wide variety of prints and colour options to choose from.

Geometric Prints 

Some people like these geometric prints because they look modern and Glam. These prints often give off an edgy and Western vibe. Geometric prints have a very contemporary & aesthetic look because of their unique and abstract prints. The beauty of their prints lies in their variety of prints and how they are suitable for any occasion. Make a fashion statement with these contrasting and exclusive prints. In geometric patterns, there are prints like chevron stripes, bold squares, and triangles which can effortlessly elevate your traditional attire. These prints’ clean and structured designs create visual interest and give a fresh perspective. These geometric prints will not only give you a playful but also a sophisticated look this festive season.

Embroidered Suit Sets

Go for suit sets with beautiful embroidery on them. Embroidery suits look very beautiful and are perfect for a dazzling look. There are different types of embroidery work which is done with threadwork or zari or sometimes with a mirror. These suits are able to capture the vibe of traditional festive outfits. Select suit sets with embroidery done on the neckline, sleeves or hemline. You have to see where you like the embroidery most, these days, embroidery on sleeves and necklines is very popular. Choose what goes with your personal choice of style. To make the embroidery on the suit stand out, go for embroidery which contrasts with the suit’s colour. Indian festivals are incomplete without shine and dazzle, so go for embroidered suits.


Suits are a perfect choice for festive wear like Rakshabandhan. So this Rakshabandhan, go for these trendy bold colours, embroidered suits and geometric or floral prints or ombre shades of colours. With a little accessorising thoughtfully and paying attention to the fabric and fit of your suit, you can easily create a stunning look that makes the significance of Rakshabandhan more fabulous.So, this Rakshabandhan, go for something different and make a statement with your outfit. 


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