Protecting Loved Ones Together: The Power of Family Floater Health Insurance

Understanding family floater health insurance and investing in it is a must for every family. Niva Bupa Reassure is a health insurance provider which enables a family to avail the most complimentary family floater health insurance. With the rapid rise in medical expenses, making timely deposits in your spouse’s and kid’s health insurance is very important.


What Is a Family Floater Health Insurance? 

A family floater health insurance is a type of health cover which provides coverage to all the members of a family under one single policy. It includes the primary policy holder (the breadwinner of the family) and his or her immediate family (spouse, children, parents). This cover eliminates the need to buy multiple policies for each individual family member. In this plan, the entire sum assured is shared between the family members and the policyholder can decide the manner of the same. The expenses are reimbursed up to the predefined boundaries of the sum assured.


Benefits of Investing in a Family Floater Health Insurance

The biggest advantage of getting a family floater insurance policy is the financial coverage that is provided to the entire family under one single policy. With this type of policy, the insured need not worry about having multiple policies as the entire family is now covered under one single policy. In case of a medical emergency, all the medical expenses are reimbursed up to the defined limits of the policy. This will help to protect the family’s finances from getting drained for medical expenses and keep them safe during the medical crisis.


Importance of a Family Floater Health Insurance

A family floater health insurance policy helps to cover the entire family for any medical emergency. With this, there is no need to purchase various policies for each family member as the entire set of family members are covered under this single policy. This type of policy includes diagnosis and treatment costs. Moreover, the patient has access to the cashless facility at the listed hospitals, allowing them to save money on the medical bills. 


Role of Niva Bupa Reassure in Offering Family Floater Insurance

Niva Bupa Reassure provides family floater health insurance plans as it believes in helping people to protect their families in the best and secure way. Its family floater plans not only provide great coverage but also require a low premium payment. This makes it easier and uncomplicated for the family to manage their finances better, especially during occasions of medical emergency. The insurer offers several features and benefits in its family floater insurance plan, from cashless treatment to affordable premiums to daycare expenses, helping to protect the entire family under one secure plan.


Points to Consider Before Opting for a Family Floater Health Insurance

Before investing in a family floater plan, it is important to look at the plan that the insurer is offering. Before opting for any insurer, one must make sure that the insurer won’t deny cashless facility, have a daycare list, have the option for a lifelong renewability plan and provide family discounts. Other important points to consider, such as the sum assured, hospital lists, premium and claim process should also be kept in mind.


Reasons to Invest in a Family Floater Health Insurance

A family floater health insurance plan eliminates the need to purchase separate policies for each family member. As the entire family is covered under one policy, one can benefit from the advantages of the sum assured amount to be shared by the entire family. A family floater plan also helps to reduce paperwork and be hassle-free compared to buying separate plans for each family member.


Advantages of a Niva Bupa Reassure Family Floater Health Insurance

Niva Bupa Reassure has a range of family floater health insurance plans which suits the needs of the family. It helps to cover the medical expenses of the entire family under one secure plan. As the family members all have access to the cashless hospitalization facility, they can be rest assured that their finances are stable during their medical crisis. It also provides several value-added benefits such as free check-ups and flexible premium options to its customers. 


Final Thoughts

Investing in a family floater health insurance plan is the most economical and beneficial option when it comes to protecting the entire family from financial risks due to medical emergencies. It is a secure option to get financial coverage for the entire family under one single policy. The insurer helps to make an informed decision about choosing the right plan and applying for it. 


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