Is it possible to increase Youtube views using Adwords?

Promoting videos using AdWords can aid in expanding your YouTube channel if you are aware of your target demographic and produce fantastic films that provide value to that audience. AdWords advertising can give your channel more momentum and enhance organic growth, even though relying solely on advertisements to monetize a YouTube channel is ineffective. It is because when videos have high-quality material and adverts are directed at the proper demographics. Of course, you must first create an AdWords account. You can register on Adwords for absolutely free if you don’t already have one.

Create a Google AdWords campaign. 

The next step is to connect your YouTube channel and AdWords account. To achieve this, pick Linked Accounts from the menu by clicking the Tools, Billing, and Settings button (it looks like a wrench), then click YouTube. After that, continue the process by adhering to the on-screen directions. You are prepared to start a new campaign in AdWords once you have finished the basic setup of your account. Campaigns can be found in the left-hand column.

After that, pick New Campaign from the menu that displays by clicking the + sign icon in the blue circle. Choosing the Video option will bring up the Campaign Type panel. Then, you have a choice between setting up your AdWords campaign with one of two goals or starting it without one:

Reach and Brand Awareness:

Even though your ad won’t appear in search results when you choose Brand Awareness and Reach, it can reach many people for a low cost. It is advised that vloggers pursue this objective to expose their channel and content to new viewers and subscribers.

Considerations for Products and Brands:

If you choose this objective, your advertisement will appear on YouTube search results while users look for products or conduct product research.

Set Up the Ad Groups for Your Campaign. 

Within a single AdWords campaign, multiple ad groups can be created. The many YouTube videos you want to use advertising to promote can be included in an ad group. Knowing how to arrange the ad groups in connection to the larger campaign will help you comprehend the strategy described in this article and select ad group settings that will help promote your YouTube videos.

Each ad group should target the same keywords or YouTube content (also known as a placement because the ad is displayed on a particular YouTube channel or video). Who views your video depends on the targeting, including viewers of a certain YouTube channel or those using a particular keyword.

Make every ad group for your campaign. 

You need to scroll down to the Create Your Ad Group section, immediately below the campaign specifics, to start the first ad group in a campaign. Give your group a name that distinguishes it from other ad groups in your campaign and contains enough information to help you identify it. Once you’ve added your maximum CPV bid and any adjustments for popular videos, click “Add Bid” in the bid area.

The biggest amount you’re willing to spend when a potential customer clicks your ad is your maximum CPV bid. Enter your maximum bid in the Maximum CPV Bid section, for instance, if you are willing to spend up to $0.10 per view. Then, if 1,000 people watch your video through that ad during the month, you will have spent at most 2/3 of the campaign’s budget ($5 per day, or roughly $150 per month). Your chance of having your video ad appear on YouTube’s most popular videos or channels rises when you adjust bidding for popular videos.

As a percentage of your highest CPV bid, enter the bid adjustment.

Make the Video Ad for Your Content 

You can begin uploading videos you want to promote once you have established campaign and ad group parameters. Remember that all your advertisements must adhere to the AdWords advertising guidelines as you build them. Scroll down to the area for creating an ad to start your first ad. Choose the in-stream or discovery ad type after pasting the YouTube video link. Choose an automatically generated image to be used in your advertisement.

The thumbnail for the video you created will be one of the choices. Next, include a title and a description of your advertisement. The ad preview on the right will switch between the mobile and desktop versions as you enter this information. Your video’s watch page, which you want to keep selected, is the advertisement’s default landing page.

Last but not least, give your advertisement a name. After setting up the first advertisement, you can continue to make ad groups and include videos in each group. Once your campaign is open in your AdWords dashboard, click the blue plus sign to create groups. Open the group and click the blue + to reveal the ad creation options to add a new ad.

Important Parameters for Measuring Video Ad Performance in AdWords Analytics

The best results are obtained when your targeting is precise, as explained in this post. Check out the ad analytics in your AdWords dashboard to track how well your ads are performing. Pay proper care to the following in particular:

  • Views
  • The rate in percentage until 75% of views
  • Engagement (Likes and Comments) during the video

In your ad group setup, search for redundant keywords as well. Check the content of your videos, last but not least. A call to action should appear toward the end of the video and should capture people’s attention within the first 10 seconds.


Utilizing AdWords to promote your YouTube videos can increase their visibility on the platform and aid in expanding your channel after you’ve invested in producing top-notch content for your YouTube audience. Your organic reach will gain pace thanks to the increased prominence advertising gives your videos. Using the strategies in this article, you can also plan a campaign incorporating all the alternatives you require. Based on ad performance, this business also assists you in monitoring and modifying the campaign. Remarketing ads must be included in your campaign after completing the main AdWords campaign.

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