How To Wear Lehsuniya (Cat’s Eye) Gemstone

If there is one gemstone that deserves to be named one of the most unusual gemstones of all time, it is without a doubt cat’s eye stone. The original cat’s eye stone, popularly known as Lehsunia gemstone in India, is immensely praised for displaying the piercing look of an original Lehsunia Gemstone due to an unusual phenomenon known as the “Chatoyancy effect.”

The Lehsunia gemstone symbolizes the Ketu planet in the majestic arena of Vedic astrology, as this planet is inextricably linked with Lehsunia in metaphysical and other dimensions. Astrologers urge anyone suffering from the malevolent impacts of the Ketu planet to embrace natural Lehsunia under the expert supervision of an astrologer. Furthermore, the cat’s eye stone is the alternate birthstone for June, and anyone born under the Zodiac signs Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, and Gemini can wear the original Lehsunia.

However, not every person or Zodiac sign is permitted to wear a Lehsunia. There are established and time-tested practices to which an individual must strictly comply if he or she desires to correctly wear a Lehsunia stone and reap optimum advantages. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explain how to correctly wear a cat’s eye stone or Lehsuniya.

How to wear Lehsuniya Stone: A complete breakdown

Wearing an original Lehsuniya Stone is not easy. A variety of things must be considered. Furthermore, before wearing this valuable diamond, a comprehensive examination of the birth chart is required. So you can just contact an expert astrologer and if you doLehsuniyan’t know anyone so you can visit the Rashi Ratan Bhagya Website, Here they provide you with an expert astrologer as well as you can also buy your Original Lehsuniya Gemstone from them.

On which finger must Lehsuniya be worn?

The Cat’s Eye should be worn on the right hand’s middle finger.

To wear this gemstone, one must follow a specific astrological protocol. To reap the most advantages, adhere to the Vedic rites. Natural cat eye stones are available for purchase online.

The gemstone should weigh between 3 and 7 carats or rates. The Lehsuniya stone is suitable for a variety of metals. Platinum, Panchdhatu, Write Gold, and Silver are all options. The owner can now make a decision based on their financial situation.

The day you must wear Lehsuniya Gemstone

Wear the Cat’s Eye stone before dawn on a Tuesday morning during the Krishna or Shukla Paksha. You can, however, wear it on a Thursday.

To unleash the power of the Lehsuniya stone, you must follow the religious rituals recommended by astrologers. Going to a temple is one of the finest methods to activate its priceless abilities. You can, however, do the ceremony at your home’s temple. You must use extreme caution when following the guidelines.

Best Time: The best time to wear a Lehsuniya stone is in the early morning hours of Tuesday. To calculate the precise moment of wearing an Original Lehsuniya stone, visit a Vedic astrologer or use an online planetary hours calculator.

Shani Pushya Yoga: The Shani Pushya Yoga is another fortunate moment to wear the cat’s eye gemstone. Shani Pushya Yoga is a highly beneficial astrological conjunction that happens when the Pushya Nakshatra (constellation) coincides with Saturn’s dominant day of the week (Saturday). When this combination happens, it is said to be an auspicious moment to wear a cat’s eye gemstone to harness the beneficial energies of both Saturn and Pushya Nakshatra.

How to purify a Lehsuniya stone?

You must cleanse the Lehsuniya stone before wearing it. You must first obtain these goods.

Tulsi leaves, Gangaajal, cow’s milk (unboiled), ghee, and honey. The diamond must be soaked in a jar holding the Panchamrut (five things). Then, rinse it with water one more. To get the deities’ blessings, you must first present stone flowers, incense sticks, and vermilion. Chant the Below phrase 108 times to ensure that the ring is charged. Take it out of the dish and immediately place it on your finger!

“ Om Pram Preem Proom Sah Ketavay Namah”

The stone will be ready to accept and reap the advantages after chanting this mantra. To feel the power of a natural cat’s eye gemstone, a person must wait at least 1-2 months.

Where To Buy A Natural Lehsuniya Gemstone?

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Note:- 5 Mukhi Rudraksha

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