6 Disadvantages of Self-Driving Cars

The arrival of autonomous cars is world-changing and is considered one of humanity’s greatest inventions. While many still prefer a manually driven car over a self-driving one, these cars could eventually take over the world and ultimately replace our vehicles in the coming decades.

While these cars have a lot of perks, including safer roads and the ability to snooze off or watch something as the car drives itself around, they also carry a vast amount of risks and shouldn’t be trusted entirely yet.

There are many hazards of self-driving vehicles that could directly threaten your life and the lives of those around you. Self-driving cars are still relatively new and packed with many flaws.

Unfortunately, if you’re planning on purchasing one soon, you have to wait a few decades until they advance enough to become safer and more reliable rides and available for everyone to use.

In the meantime, you can replace your car and get yourself a high-tech one that’s partially autonomous and not entirely independent yet.

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1. Soaring Prices

Since cars with auto-pilot are still brand-new, many people would find them unaffordable and avoid them.

But as technology advances, more extraordinary vehicles are being produced, leading to the overall cost of fully autonomous cars escalating to an affordable price.

The maintenance and repair costs could also cost you an arm and a leg. Since most mechanics are still unfamiliar with autonomous cars and how they operate, they might charge extra costs to get the requirements needed to repair the automobile.

2. Hackers

As bizarre as it sounds, vehicle hijacking causes a severe dilemma for self-driving cars. Since autonomous vehicles rely heavily on artificial intelligence, it makes them very susceptible to being hijacked and controlled.

Suppose a hacker manages to gain control of your car. In that case, he can command it to go wherever he likes, even if you’re still inside the vehicle, which can cause tremendous damage if used to wreak havoc, especially if the hacker is controlling more than one vehicle at once.

3. A Rise in Unemployment

Since many drivers earn their living by transporting people and goods from A to B, they will suddenly lose their jobs if fully autonomous cars take over the roads. The unemployment rates will escalate significantly.

This could lead many people affected by this change to refuse the switch to driverless cars and start protests against the use of self-driving vehicles to protect their job positions.

4. Privacy concerns

Self-driving cars require your data to operate, such as the location of your home and your current location.

This data gets stored in the car’s database, making it accessible to any skilled hacker willing to snatch away all your personal info and do god knows what with it.

This concern has many people on edge about purchasing such cars, so they stick with their current vehicles that are practically immune to cyber attacks.

5. Bad Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, self-driving cars struggle to deal with diverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. This flaw poses a big issue when driving in places where rain and snow are common and will potentially obstruct the car’s sensors from being able to navigate around.

So basically, if you’re driving around and it suddenly starts raining, your luck just ran out. And if your car survives without crashing into anyone, you’ll be stuck on the side of the road waiting for the downpour to stop.

6. Technical Errors

Even though autonomous cars are proven to commit fewer mistakes than humans, they can still mess up from time to time and get into accidents. But the question remains: Who’s to blame, the owner of the vehicle or the vehicle’s AI?

This question sparked a lot of arguments and has no definite answer, and many insurance companies struggle to find a solution to this dilemma.

Either way, technical errors are bound to happen and could lead to disastrous results if the driver isn’t paying attention to the road.

So, if you were thinking about selling your car and replacing it with an automatic one, cashing your car in the UAE and purchasing one that features auto-pilot is currently the closest thing you’ll have to a fully autonomous vehicle.

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