September 16, 2021 5:35 am

What It Means To Be A CLEVER Leader

One of the main challenges, in the process of identifying, qualifying, developing, and determining, who might become the best leaders, for a particular organization, is, there are so many variables, necessities, and skills, required, in doing so! Having been involved in this process, for four decades, as well as, in developing group – specific, professionally designed, leadership training programs, and consulting to over a thousand, actual, and/ or potential leaders, I have come to strongly/ firmly believe, one of the often – overlooked, yet relevant factors, is whether someone, will, become a CLEVER leader. Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly examine and review, using the mnemonic approach, precisely, what this means, etc.

1. Creative; character; clarity; choices: Clever leaders do not have the luxury, to merely proceed, in the same – old, same – old ways, but, rather, must seek the best options and alternatives, and proceed, with quality and creativity! How will you know, if you have the quality, of character, which might make you, best capable, of leading effectively, and making a difference, for the better? True leaders understand, it is up to them, to make the, most relevant and sustainable choices!

2. Listen; learn; leadership: While real leaders need a high degree of self Рconfidence, it must be based on knowledge and understanding, rather than conceit/ ego! No one individual    Clever has all the answers, nor, knows Рit Рall, but must commit, to effectively listening carefully, and, consistently, learning from every conversation, observation, and experience! One only demonstrates true, meaningful leadership, when he proceeds, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy!

3. Empathy; energy: One of the often – overlooked qualities, true leaders possess, is providing the highest level of energy, which inspires others, in a positive manner! When one energizes his organization, and proceeds with empathy, he positions himself, to provide clever leadership!

4. Vital, vibrant vision; value; values: Unless someone shares the values of his group, and stakeholders, how can he serve it, effectively? He must focus on, clearly demonstrating, he provides quality and value. and others, perceive him, as doing so! In order to do so, it is important, for a leader, to share his vital, vibrant vision, and, both motivate himself, and others!

5. Enrich; excellence: Examine how, and why, a particular individual, might enrich the group, and constituents! To do so, one must strive for, and demand personal excellence!

6. Relevant; reliable; reasoning: One must be ready, willing and able, to objectively, introspectively, examine himself, and be certain, his reasoning is valid, and relevant! Be certain, you are proceeding in a relevant, reliable manner!

If you hope to become a quality leader, you must seek to proceed, in a CLEVER way! Are you ready, prepared, and up, to the task?

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