What are the 3 Grounds for Divorce?



Divorce is a legal partition of a marital couple. It is a common and accepted process of ending a marriage. In most cases, a divorce is initiated by one spouse filing a petition for divorce with the District Court. The law has established certain grounds for divorce that can be used in any state and country in the United States or anywhere else in the world. These grounds include:


  1. Your spouse has abandoned you


  • Abandoned by your spouse:- You have been separated for at least one year, and the cause of the separation is your spouse’s fault. You are unfit to live together at a home because of domestic violence, sexual abuse or stalking by your spouse, or other identical circumstances. 


  •  Your spouse refuses to provide full-time care for your children/wards because they are physically/mentally/emotionally unable to care for them themselves. 


  • Your spouse has committed adultery with another person (adultery cannot be proven unless there was physical contact).


  1. You have been living apart for at least a year


The second ground for divorce is that you have been living apart for at least a year. You must be able to prove that you are living separately and that there has been no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.


You will also need to show evidence of your efforts to resolve the issues between yourselves during this period.


  1. Your marriage is irretrievably broken


Irretrievably broken: The marriage is likely to be irreparably broken. This means that you and your spouse can no longer live as husband and wife, or that you and your spouse are unable to work out problems with one another. It’s also possible that the marriage has become so unhealthy that it would be better if one person separated from the other (and maybe stayed away).


Broken beyond repair: With this ground for divorce, the marriage has become so bad that there is no chance of reconciliation between you both; in fact, there may not even be any hope for a happy ending in sight!


Unimprobable repair: This ground for divorce describes situations where both parties agree on ending their relationship but disagree as to what should happen next—such as deciding whether or not they’ll get divorced after having been married for ten years together. 


Divorce can be a difficult process 


Divorce can be a difficult process, but it is possible to come out on the other side stronger and better than ever. However, if you don’t take steps to prepare for your divorce before it happens, it could take longer than expected or even end in disaster.


The first step toward making sure that your divorce doesn’t become another source of stress in your life is knowing what you’re up against. The following tips will help navigate you through this process:


Legal Process of Divorce 


Divorce is a legal process done by https://bestdivorcelawyerindelhi.com/. It’s not painless, and it can be costly. Divorce can be painful, emotional, and stressful for both parties involved in the process.


The law requires that you give your spouse certain things before they are allowed to legally end their marriage:


  • You must tell them about their rights as a spouse (as well as your rights) before there’s an actual divorce decree from the court; this gives both parties time to adjust before making any decisions regarding child custody or property division after they’ve separated from each other.


  • You’ll have to go through mediation with a third party who has been trained on how best to handle these types of situations – this helps prevent conflict between spouses during negotiations over financial issues like alimony payments or child support payments since these types of disagreements often get ugly quickly when left unaddressed until after all other legal steps have been taken first. 


Important aspects of Divorce


The divorce settlement led to the happening of one or all of the following mentioned below: 


  • Child Custody: After the dissolution of the marriage, child custody is one of the most crucial matters to deal with as it is the children who suffer the extensively after the separation of their parents. Courts take certain aspects before granting guardianship to any of the parties. 


  • Maintenance/Alimony: It is the financial assistance provided by the husband/wife to their spouses respectively. This can be paid in lumpsum or intervals, as per the choice of their spouse. A person of any religion can claim alimony under Section 125 of Cr. P.C 1973. In this section, an order can be passed for the husband in which he is obliged to provide financial aid to his parents, wife, and legitimate or illegitimate children. 


  • Property Division: Under current law, the wife has no right over her husband’s property. If the property has been brought together or has been used by both people, the wife can claim her share in the property. It is totally up to the party to prove whether the property is joint or someone has inherited or brought solely from their own money. 


That’s the three main grounds for Divorce. You should now have a better understanding of how they work, as well as what you need to prove to get one yourself!



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