Top 5 Must-Have Phone Repair Equipment

You will need a few tools to change your smartphone’s battery or fix a broken screen. Find the best places to buy parts. And after the whole mess with the iPhone battery, replacement battery kits have become very popular. Even though these kits come with all the tools you need to do the job, it is just the bare minimum. You’d be surprised how much easier the job is with a few extra tools.

1.  Suction Cup Plier

A pair of suction cup pliers is a great tool if you are doing a phone repair service where you have to pry up the screen to get inside.

The battery replacement kits have a small suction cup to help pry open your phone. However, it is not as good as some suction cup pliers. Attach one suction cup to the back of the phone and the other to the front. Then, squeeze the pliers to separate the screen from the rest of the phone.

Even if you only fix a few things on your phone, these pliers are a good investment that will save you enough time to pay for themselves.

2.  A Heat Gun or a Hair Dryer

Of course, you cannot pry open the screen on a newer smartphone without first heating up the glue. A heat gun or a hair dryer works great for this. The heat softens the glue, making it easier to pull the display apart when you pry it open. It also makes it less likely that something will break.

You can also use something like a microwave-heated rice bag. You can buy a version of this that is made especially for fixing mobile phones. Moreover, you can make your own with a sock and some rice.

3.  Mat with Magnets

When you take a phone apart, several screws and small pieces need to be together and, more importantly, kept from getting lost. A magnetic mat can be a real lifesaver in this situation. It keeps small screws from rolling off the table and getting lost. Most mats have dividing lines so you can organize parts and keep track of everything. You can also use a dry-erase marker to know what’s what.

4.  Guitar Picks

Suction cup pliers are great, but if you have a display assembly that won’t move and is really stuck, guitar picks can help.

You can use guitar picks as makeshift spudgers, and small plastic tools for prying things apart. They can also be used as spacers to keep things apart after you have already pulled them apart. Let’s say you can pry up the bottom half of the screen but not the top half. You can keep the bottom half from falling back down while you work on the top half by putting guitar picks between the body and the screen. You can buy guitar picks at almost any music store or on Amazon.

5.  Old Credit Cards

An old credit card can help you pry up certain parts, just like a guitar pick. However, credit cards are sometimes better than guitar picks because they can pry up a big area at once.

It makes them great for prying out batteries that are stuck down with glue. A spudger or something similar would not be the best tool since it would be easy to puncture the battery accidentally. You can slide an old credit card under the battery on one side and slowly pull it out without worrying about puncturing anything.

More Phone Repair Must-Haves

1.   Magnifying Glass

The parts of a smartphone are small. If your eyes are not working great, it can be hard to tell what’s what. A magnifying glass can save your life. You can get one of these for not too much money, and the stand lets you use the magnifying glass on your phone without using either hand.

2.   Desk Lamp

You may think you have enough light, but a cheap desk lamp will surprise you with what it can do. I never used extra light when working on projects for a long time, but when I started using headlamps and desk lamps, it completely changed my idea of good lighting. It is also a cheap way to spend money. You can get a decent desk lamp for less than $15. Even better, you probably already have one somewhere in your house.

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