Must-Have Kurtas Every College Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

Kurtas are undoubtedly the most practical and comfortable attire to don that is also incredibly fashionable, and they are a popular choice for girls, too, due to their simplicity and ease of management and, most importantly, their varied options, such as a georgette chikankari kurta, short kurta, an A-line kurta, and so much more. If you are a college-bound girl who wants to look stunning every day without being overdressed, kurtas are your go-to option. They are the most practical solution to achieving a gorgeous look in no time, making them the best alternative for an Indian girl’s daily outfit. Comfort is essential when it comes to feeling confident, and kurtas exemplify how tradition and modernity can coexist harmoniously, addressing the issue of uninteresting and uniform clothing. If you are still unsure about what type of kurtas are best for college-bound girls, we are here to simplify your life. 

Every girl’s wardrobe must now include an Indian kurta, as it can be worn on different occasions. It is advisable to have a variety of kurtas in your collection, as they may have similar designs but differ in patterns and styles. Apart from the college look, kurtas are suitable for weddings, offices, parties, and many other events alike. Moreover, it is not exclusively worn by Indian women, as women from around the world are also embracing kurtas to make a unique fashion statement at the various occasions they attend.

Top 5 Kurta Styles for College-Going Girls for Stylish Looks

Short Kurtas 

Short kurtas are one of the best styles for a college-going girl because they are stylish and comfortable. The online collection of short kurtas for college-bound girls will revitalize your wardrobe. Pairing the short kurta with jeans enhances your overall appearance, creating a stylish blend of ethnic and contemporary fashion. 

With a wide range of trendy styles and designs, you can effortlessly fill your closet with everyday college wear. Customize your look by choosing your preferred colour, print, pattern, embroidery, and style options. These Indo-western fashions cater to every occasion and season, making them suitable for work, school, and formal events. Short kurtas are available in various fabrics, including cotton blends, jacquard, rayon, and more. Embrace your unique style and set fashion trends by selecting as many short kurtas as you desire.

A-Line Kurtas 

Nowadays, the A-line kurta style is highly favoured by college-bound females. These kurtas are available in a wide range of colours, embroidery patterns, and shades, making them easy to wear and a flattering A-line shape. They are a popular choice among college students for both formal and casual occasions. A-line kurtas can be paired with everyday clothes and casual attire, making them suitable for festivals, weddings, parties, and more. 

To enhance the chic look, they can be worn with matching churidars, dhoti pants, jeggings, or leggings. However, women with wide shoulders, inverted triangles, or apple-shaped bodies are advised against wearing this kurta as it may not accentuate their body types effectively.

Georgette Kurtas 

Each one of us strives to appear presentable. However, that is never sufficient – we gradually develop a taste for high fashion and aspire to become trendsetters, especially when we are in college. After all, who would want to avoid receiving compliments and inquiries about the origin of their attire? Being fashionable does not have to be as challenging as it seems. 

This is particularly true for the humble georgette kurta – not only is it effortless to wear and style, but there is also an abundance of variety. Choose a georgette kurta with an abstract print or embroidery and a unique neckline. Combine it with slim-fit, ankle-length treggings, and boat shoes for a look that is as effortlessly stylish as a college look. 

Chikankari Kurtas 

Chikankari embroidered kurtas are the latest style in the market, perfect for girls to wear in college. These Chikan kurtas are perfect for daily wear for girls that require minimal maintenance. They are particularly popular during the summer due to their breathability and lightweight nature. With its simplicity and emphasis on elegance, a Chikan kurta can be effortlessly carried to various occasions in college, offering versatility and style

Chikan kurtas showcase exquisite kadai work, bringing an air of sophistication to your outfit. Whether you’re going to a traditional college event or a festive celebration at the college, the chicken kadai kurtas will ensure all eyes are on you.

Mulmul Kurtas 

The Mulmul Kurta is a must-have in every college-going girl’s wardrobe, as it is currently popular and caters to the needs of every modern girl. Whether you are attending a formal event or even going to college, you can opt for a Mulmul Kurta set adorned with intricate designs or a simple monochromatic or patterned Mulmul kurta. 

To enhance your look, accessorize with statement Polki Jewellery, a trendy clutch, and exude style. There are a plethora of stores offering a wide range of Mulmul Kurtas online and even offline, available at competitive prices and in various glamorous designs.

Key Takeaway! 

In summary, every college-going girl should have kurtas in her wardrobe. There are a variety of options available, ranging from regular cotton kurtas to chikankari kurtas and maxi-style kurtas. Each type of kurta has its own distinct style and can be paired with different bottom wear to create a fashionable and stylish look. Therefore, feel free to explore and try out different types of kurtas to discover your perfect style.

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