Creating Love at First Sight: Mastering Romance Book Cover Design

We all have our hearts shattered multiple times by Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk To Remember, or The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. How mesmerizingly these books have filled our hearts with romance, ignited our passion, and then completely shattered our souls.

Spoiler Alert – Despite the main character dying in both of the above-mentioned masterpieces, they have one more thing similar. What is it? Come on, put on your thinking cap!

That is right, their extremely unique cover designs.

If you want to write your romance novel and create an instant soul resonance, read this blog. Below, we have compiled some expert designer tips to help you design a captivating book cover. These tips will help your book manipulate all those lovey-dovey readers to give it a read.

8 Steps With Which You Can Design A Romance Book Cover

Indicate Your Sub-Genre: The best way to attract your audience is by letting your sub-genre reflect from your book cover design. There are many sub-categories in romance. Ponder on what story you want to write, whether it is a haters-to-lovers trope or a friends-to-lovers trope, and design accordingly.

Decide whether your book revolves around contemporary romance, historical, or even paranormal romance, then indicate your niche on your cover. You can even get any online Horror mystery book cover UK design services to help you design your paranormal mystery romance novel cover.

Build Some Tension: Make your audience feel the energy between the characters right after seeing the book on the shelf. You can make the cover depict the couple snugging or embracing one another.

Or if you don’t want to be so obvious, you might want to portray the couple winking playfully to bring their bonding to light. This way, people will be able to determine whether it is a light read or a heavy read.

Understand Your Audience: Sometimes, books can fit into multiple genres. For instance, if your book contains paranormal romance, then design your cover to be spooky yet romantic. You can look up the cover of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion to get the gist.

Similarly, if you are writing a historical romance, the cover must focus equally on both genres. In this way, your book will be able to catch the eyes of a vast audience.

Pay Attention To The Details: Image treatment, lighting, text hierarchy, shading, and layering are some of the details that must be paid attention to. These details can make your book look go from so-so to outstanding within seconds.

If you cannot focus on the details, try hiring any online UK designer for romantic book covers to help you with your designs.

Set The Appropriate Tone: Every novel has its own tone, which is a very important factor to consider when designing your book cover. For instance, if you have written a comedy romance novel, we suggest you use bright colours and bubbly typography.

On the contrary, if you have given yourself to the evil spirits and then written a tale of woe to break the innocent hearts of the readers, we suggest you refrain from using bright shades on the cover. Instead, try to use dark, sentimental colours to indicate the tone of your romance novel.

Use Colours To Evoke Emotions: Once you have set the appropriate tone, you can elaborate on it by using the right shades. Many romance book designers select tender, warm tones to fiery and passionate palettes.

For instance, red and pink indicate tenderness, romance, passion, etc. While blue symbolizes unity, calmness, or sadness. Therefore, to make your covers striking, use the right colour palette.

On the other hand, you can also use deep tones to spice things up and give your book a forbidden berry look. Black, Gold, Silver, and Maroon are the best examples to make it look red-hot. Whatever colour you decide, make sure to match it well with your book theme, or else all your efforts will go to waste.

Have A Prominent Style: Try to design your book covers in the same style. Use your distinct style as a trademark. Having your own style can make your audience consciously or subconsciously pick your book up. Because we humans shop with our eyes, we look for something familiar while unique and surprising at the same time. Use a distinct font or a distinct material every time you publish your book to make it your trademark.

Consider Working With A Professional: We understand that designing book covers can be daunting, especially if it is your first time. But instead of worrying, you can always consider getting help from a professional.

In this way, you can get an opportunity to see how things work and learn along the way. And if you are a fast learner, maybe the next time, you won’t need any help. Because you will design a perfect book cover to create love at first sight on your own.

Till now, we only focused on the front design of your book cover. Read below to get familiar with designing an equally striking back cover design for your novel.

Designing Back Covers Of Your Romance Books

Whenever people are asked about book designs, they only focus on the front cover. Forgetting all about the practical back designs. If this area is put to use more efficiently, you can easily manipulate the readers to fall in love with your book. Read below to find out how.

  • Insert A Catchy Book Description: By writing a compelling book synopsis, you can get the starry-eyed readers hooked right then and there. This is why designing a perfect back cover is equally, or even more important than designing the front side.
  • Add Book Reviews: Book reviews are your strong selling points. If any reader is having second thoughts regarding whether they should buy your book or not, chances are they will if the reviews are good. Amazing right? Make sure to add reviews below the description, barcode, and ISBN.

Hold up, we are forgetting something, aren’t we? What is it? Oh yes! The spine! How could we forget about the pillar that holds your book together? Read below to get information regarding the design of your book spine.

Designing Spines Of Your Romance Books

Just as we forget about designing these essential parts of books, many designers also tend to forget about them. But think of how books are arranged on the shelves or in libraries. What part is visible to the readers? That’s right, the spine, silly! Make sure to boldly write the title of your book for it to catch the eyes of the readers.

Final Thoughts: Build A Heart-Struck Connection With Your Audience By Designing A Perfect Cover

Designing a romance book cover is a fun process. So many templates and unlimited shades of colours to choose from, but despite being fun, it can be burdensome sometimes. But by following the above-given tips, you will be able to design your book cover in no time.

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