LED Strip Lights – The Savior That Brought Smart and Stylish Lighting



LED strip light is a type of flexible LED light that is usually in the form of a ribbon and can be cut to the desired length, making it easy to install in pretty much any location. 


LED, or light emitting diode, strip lights consist of thin strips of flexible circuit board that have small LED bulbs on their surface. They are available in reels or strips that can be easily cut into the required sizes, and installed on power supplies ensuring high and efficient consumption of power.


LED Strip Lights suppliers are a highly efficient form of lighting, boasting efficiency ratings that have been known to go over ninety lumens per watt, using a mere fraction of the power that the older incandescent bulbs required in order to produce the same amount of light output. This makes them an economical type of lighting that is used in many business and home premises.


There are many advantages that stem from the LED strip light and they are discussed below:


LED strip lights provide the following advantages over other lighting alternatives:LED strip lights provide the following advantages over other lighting alternatives:


Energy Efficiency


As stated earlier, LED strips offer high lumens per watt to guarantee optimal lighting intensity with a minimal power usage. Obviously, choosing them in preference to other older lighting technologies yields substantial energy savings.


Flexible Installation


The LED strips have a ribbon like design that makes them be flexibly arranged in almost every corner and space. It’s possible to use them to enhance cabinetry, illuminate cove areas, highlight ceilings and stairwells, and so much more.


Long Lifespan


So, an average LED strip light is designed to last for about 50,000 hours. It also leaves a very long operational span which means that a consumer tends to use the same bulb for long before it develops a problem or burns out.


Dimmable Capabilities


LED strip lights can be used with suitable dimmer controls which adds flexibility in controlling the level of brightness and therefore offering more energy conservation.


The LED Strip Lighting Solutions are provided below to meet the needs of specific customers or applications:


Beyond stock LED strip offerings with set lengths, colors, and brightness, many <a href=”https:LED strip light manufacturers offer all kinds of strip lighting that can be tailored to fit into specific project implementations:


Custom Strip Lengths 


Most standard LED strip lights are on fixed lengths which are mostly 5 meters or 16 feet. Manufacturers can cut strips to the size of the application required, with pre-made strips available commercially in the market.


Custom Light Colors


Even though white and multicolor RGB are considered the most popular LED strip light colors, sometimes specific projects require special colors for uniformity with decorations or to create specific effects. It was found that while manufacturers have the capacities to manufacture strips with single colour that are unique.


Custom Brightness


As for the measured brightness in lumens, it can allow creating the necessary level of illumination for any individual project of LED strip light – from indistinctive glow to bright spotlight.


Custom Power Connection Points


Typically, standard LED strip lights include connections for power inputs at one end. For instance, in a specific install that is long, manufacturers can put the additional solder points at varying points along the strip so that there is easy access to power.  


Ordering Customized LED Strips


If standard LED strip light offerings do not suffice to meet the requirements, one can order from LED lighting manufacturer, cut strips to any length, custom color, customized brightness, connector, adhesive, waterproof or any other specifications.


Understanding Your Options


Consult with a competent LED strip light manufacturer/seller as soon as possible to get information on available options for customization; from strip sets with tailored brightness, lengths, and colors to strong adhesive, sockets, and water resistance.


The right supplier should help you make design decisions that fit your business goals, functional and aesthetic requirements, and the materials and resources available.  


Proofing and Finalizing Orders


Some other facts that good suppliers can offer you are as follows: Before the manufacturing process, suppliers should give you the proof of all your customization order to avoid misunderstanding. You will also be given a chance to ask the publisher to make some minor adjustments before the final proofs are made and the publication process is complete.


Quality Manufacturing and Shipping


The suppliers who are reputable ensure that they oversee the manufacturing process until the very end, and go through rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure that the strips conform to the approved proofs. Products that somewhat qualify the QC tests are handled carefully to ensure that they are not damaged during shipment.  


Therefore for unique LED strip light projects where something extra is desired other than going with standard, there is always professional manufacturers who avail themselves with efficient custom strip manufacturing and services. This end-to-end process will ensure that designs are created and then reproduced exactly as specified and delivered without damage at the precise time required.


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