Latest Solar System in Melbourne

Solar System in Melbourne

Many people still believe that the solar system in Melbourne is not a good idea. They are not worth the money or the installation cost that comes with it.

Although it is true that a solar PV module cannot generate electricity every time, they are still worth the investment as it helps you to save your hard-earned money!

Working on solar system in Melbourne 

Solar panels are composed of numerous smaller components known as solar cells. Silicone, one of the most plentiful materials on earth, is mostly used to make solar cells.

To create crystalline silicon, silicon, and crystals are combined. Crystalline silicon is then covered in two conducting layers to create a solar cell. 

Simply explained, each silicon solar cell has two layers, of which one creates a positive charge and the other a negative charge as a result of the flow of electrons. This enables a flow of electricity via the solar cell.

When sunlight strikes a solar cell, it helps electrons move more easily, allowing a current to pass through. It is stated that during this process, solar energy is transformed into electrical energy that can be used to power our homes. 

How much solar energy do you require in Melbourne?

One solar cell cannot provide enough energy to power an entire home, thus solar cells are connected to form solar panels. People are typically urged to purchase many panels in order to optimize the amount of energy produced.

Family residences in Melbourne use around 20 KWH per day on average, hence a 5 KWH solar energy system is required. 

A system of this size costs $4,540 on average in Victoria, which is $550 less than the current national average.

According to estimates, implementing this system will pay for itself in 5–6 years, after which you will start saving at least $1,000 a year on your electricity cost. Solar investment sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Solar panels are a high-profit investment that can result in savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though the solar system in Melbourne is more southern than other sunny states in Australia.

As of late, the average cost to install solar panels has been thought to be cheaper than in other states. A fantastic time to start thinking about solar is right now. 

The good news is that solar is growing, with the number of installations reaching a record last year.

The availability of more solar resources and technology in Australia has increased along with the linear growth of solar energy, lowering the cost of solar panel installation and necessary maintenance. 

Reasons to install a solar system in Melbourne

There are so many reasons to install solar systems in Melbourne. Let us go through each of these points one by one.

They are cost-effective – In Melbourne, the cost of solar panels has significantly decreased over time. According to a recent U.S. study, solar panel prices will be 75% lower than they were in 2004. Installing the most energy-efficient technology you can afford to heat your home makes sense because Melbourne is not an exception to that trend.

You can heat and cool down your home using solar panels – Some people might be perplexed as to why you would need to invest in solar panels for a property in Melbourne, Australia, but the electricity they produce can, of course, also be used to cool the home back down. This is only one benefit of thinking about installing modern solar panels in your house.

It can be used to power your car – Did you know that solar energy might also recharge your electric car in addition to powering your home? And even if you don’t already possess an electric car, there’s a strong possibility you will in the near future!

Charge your electric vehicle – Your electric vehicle will charge your home just like any other device. A typical electric vehicle travels 12000 miles a year using nine solar panels. Remember that this energy will be cheap—possibly even free—so be sure to account for it in your calculations when determining the cost of installing a solar system!

Installing solar panels is a big decision and requires a lot of thinking and planning. However, a reputed installer like us will make this decision a lot easier for you through accurate planning and reconsideration.

Discover Solar helps to assess your energy needs and designs a system that will give you the maximum return on your investment.

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