Kipu EMR Vs. TherapyNotes EHR: discovering their features

You will find many articles and videos about Kipu emr and TherapyNotes EHR, but none of them are as thorough as this article. We understand how crucial it is to make the right choice for your practice, and that is why here we have put together this comparative list of features just for you. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Kipu EMR Software?

For mental health and addiction treatment facilities, Kipu is an integrated cloud-based solution that manages sales, patient relationships, and communication while streamlining practice operations. Using outcome metrics and visibility dashboards, it manages the full patient cycle, including pre-admission, admission, and discharge planning.

Kipu EMR Features


Kipu software also has a telehealth component that facilitates virtual connections between patients and medical professionals. Telehealth also makes it possible for virtual consultations, which is advantageous for both patients and providers.

Lab Integration

Lab connectivity in Kipu Health EMRs enables you to save time, acquire information, and determine which patients need support. Also, ordering tests and receiving results—which are fully documented in Kipu EMR—are sped up and made simpler by the lab connectivity. You are able to view all lab orders, requisitions, and impacts with Labs thanks to Kipu EHR business intelligence.

Patient Engagement

Appointment scheduling, task delegation, and patient notification are all made simple by the software. Patients can complete and share forms in real-time, check appointments and medications, begin telehealth sessions, and more via a secure online interface from the comfort of their homes.

Kipu EMR Pricing

This may sound made up, but their price range starts at $3. You should contact the vendor to receive an estimate for your practice because the company does not provide more pricing information.

Kipu EMR Demo

We advise scheduling a demo of the software to thoroughly assess it if you are still debating whether or not to invest in EMR. You can learn more about the software’s features through the demo, and then you can evaluate whether or not it meets your practice’s needs.

Kipu EMR Reviews

The EMR’s user-friendly interface and extensive functions are popular among users.According to kipu systems reviews software has received 4–5-star evaluations from users, who laud it. The EHR’s specific benefits and drawbacks are listed below.

What is TherapyNotes EHR Software?

TherapyNotes is 1 cloud-based EHR program designed exclusively for behavioral and mental health establishments. It is used by healthcare facilities of all sizes to automate procedures, expedite daily duties, and optimize processes in order to raise the standard of treatment through precise documentation. Billing, electronic health records, a calendar, and a client portal are important elements.

TherapyNotes EHR Features


Using TherapyPortal on their mobile device, patients may control their own appointments. Remote patient communication options for doctors include messaging, video chatting, adding notes, and more. includes setting up the logo, welcome message, and color design.


Oversees each step of the billing process, including the submission of claims, the verification of insurance eligibility, and payment. Any flaws or code errors can be immediately removed from claims. encourages the creation of superbills that include all required data for fast reimbursement.



By tying the to-do list to documents, comments, and billing, you can schedule appointments and manage activities more effectively. It enables rapid appointment scheduling in addition to calendar view customization and mobile calendar synchronization.

TherapyNotes EHR Pricing

The pricing for this software is mentioned as $25 for basic, but some users revealed the prices to vary drastically, going as low as $3 as well. This is why to have an accurate estimate, you should reach out to their professionals.

TherapyNotes EHR Demo

TherapyNotes EHR demo can reveal exactly what you need to know and fill in the gaps of your confusion. Reach out to them to schedule a demo now.

TherapyNotes EHR Reviews

Scheduling is simple, according to every review that mentions this software. The product needs regular upgrades for tools and features, according to reviews mentioning changes.

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Kipu EMR Vs. TherapyNotes EHR Software—Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything you need, let us give you our take on these softwares.

Kipu EMR has revolutionized behavioral healthcare by offering a single, all-purpose platform. Because of unparalleled insight throughout the entire care experience, patients receive the proper care at the appropriate moment. The behavioral health EMR from Kipu also eliminates wasteful procedures, saving valuable time for patient care. Better patient care results from a happier workforce.

The workflow of mental health professionals was considered when designing the software for TherapyNotes, which efficiently streamlines scheduling and other clinical procedures. Moreover, the software offers many specialty note templates for specialties such as behavioral health, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. This HIPPA-compliant solution features a patient note feature and guarantees data integrity.

Good luck picking the best software for you!


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