How to Draw A Pterodactyl Easily

How to Draw A Pterodactyl. In prehistoric times, many amazing dinosaurs lived on Earth. Many of these awesome dinosaurs swam and flew, and the dinosaur we’re focusing on today would fall into that second category.

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The pterodactyl was an amazing pterodactyl to be reckoned with! It’s also one of the most popular dinosaurs today, and many people love learning how to draw a pterodactyl to prove it.

If you also love this awesome flying dinosaur, this might be the perfect tutorial! Our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a pterosaur in just 6 easy steps will show you everything you need to know about recreating this classic dinosaur.

How to Draw A Pterodactyl

Step 1

In this pterosaur drawing tutorial, we will draw a cute cartoon representation of this dinosaur! First, we draw the eyes.

These can be drawn as two oval shapes, each with a dot. Next, use curved lines to add a long, thin shape that returns from the eyes.

Next, we’ll use even curvier lines for the pterosaur’s long, pointed mouth. As shown in the reference image, you can also draw a smiling mouth in this section,

Once it looks like our example, you’re ready for the second step of the tutorial!

Step 2

Continuing with this pterodactyl drawing, you can add the curved neck to this dinosaur.

We will use many smaller wavy lines for the base of the neck and then some longer wavy lines for the neck itself. This makes the neck look a bit slim.

Once the neck is drawn, let’s also draw the chest of this pterodactyl.

You can use another long curved line starting from the base of the neck for this chest, and once it’s drawn, we move on to step three of the pattern.

Step 3

What is special about this dinosaur is that it can fly and needs its large leathery wings.

We will draw the first of these in the third step of this tutorial on how to draw a pterodactyl.

A pterodactyl’s wings are not dissimilar to a bat’s wings, with a bony outer structure with a softer, leatherier portion for the wing itself.

There will also be a small claw section at the top center of the wing. Then continue with step 4 of the instructions!

Step 4

This dinosaur wouldn’t get very far without a second wing, and that’s what we will add to the pterosaur drawing at this stage.

This wing is drawn very similarly to the first one, with the main difference being that it looks larger due to the perspective.

It has the same hard frame on the inside edge, and you can then use a wavy line for the leathery part below.

Finally, add some sharp shapes for the small claws at the top center edge. Then you’re ready for the finishing touches in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

You’re almost ready to finish your drawing with some paint in the final step of this how-to-draw a Pterosaur tutorial, but first, we need to add a few final things.

To finish the drawing, add the legs of this dinosaur. Use some curved, rounded lines for the first half of the legs.

Next, for the toes, draw some thinner rounded shapes to the end.

These also have sharp, pointed claws on their ends. That’s all this step has to do, but you can also add personal information before proceeding!

There is a lot you can do to complete this picture, and some ideas would be drawing wallpaper or other favorite dinosaurs.

Step 6

At this final stage of your pterodactyl drawing, you can finish it off with some color!

We don’t know exactly what colors the dinosaurs would have appeared in, so you have plenty of options for coloring this cool dinosaur!

In our sample image, we’ve chosen a nice pink color scheme for this pterodactyl skin.

This is one approach you could take, but feel free to use any other color choices you feel fit this image!

You can also experiment with different artistic mediums to create your color choices.

Your Pterodactyl Drawing is Finished!

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