How to Draw A Grizzly Bear Easily

How to Draw A Grizzly Bear. Grizzly bears are among nature’s most majestic animals. These large animals may seem a little cute at first, but they can be quite dangerous and ferocious and are considered apex predators.

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While they can be dangerous, they are still a beautiful species and learning how to draw a grizzly bear is the best way to create amazing works of art with this creature.

If you love grizzly bears, this is the perfect guide for you. You’ll definitely want to read it through to the end to see how it’s done!

Enjoy our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a grizzly bear in just 6 easy steps.

How to Draw A Grizzly Bear

Step 1

To begin this guide on how to draw a grizzly bear, let’s start with the bear’s face and then move backwards.

First, draw a smooth, short enough line for the grizzly bear’s face. At the end you can then use some intricate curved lines for the big nose.

Then we draw smaller lines around the face to get some details like the small eyes.

You can then extend the head backwards for the outline. For this line we’re going to use a more jagged line to make it look hairier.

This jagged line extends back from the head to form the back and then rounds down to form the back of the hind leg. Finally, draw a small round ear over the head.

Step 2

Now you can continue with this grizzly bear design by adding the rest of the back paw along with part of the bear’s belly.

You can start by drawing small curved lines for the toes with sharp claws at the base of the foot. So for the front of this leg, you’re going to use a little more of those furry, jagged lines.

Once the leg is drawn, the next thing you need to do is draw more lines to create the grizzly bear’s furry belly that curls up out of the leg. Finally, draw another furry line for the back of the other hind leg.

That’s all there is to this step and now you’re ready for part 3 of the guide!

Step 3

In this third step of our guide on how to draw a grizzly bear, we will add the first front paw.

This front paw will be drawn with the same jagged, furry line you used for most grizzly bears, and the shape of this front paw will be quite similar to the back paw.

It will have a fairly thick base with a back line that runs higher than the front line. As with the other legs, the base of the leg also features pointed toes.

In the next few steps we’ll add the remaining leg along with some final touches and details.

Step 4

Now in this fourth step you can add the final leg to your grizzly bear design.

Again, this leg will be quite similar in shape to the others, filling the space near the front of the bear.

You can then use softer, curved lines for the bear’s mouth and snout. With some minor line detail, you can also add some fur detail around the face to give this grizzly bear an extra dimension.

Then you’re ready for the final details on this grizzly bear!

Step 5

This step of our how to draw a grizzly bear guide is about completing the final elements to be ready for the final painting step of the guide.

The most important thing we will add in this step is the other ear for the grizzly bear and it will be drawn in a similar shape to the other one.

Once this ear is drawn, we just need to add a few more details to the image. These usually consist of a few more details all over the body to make it look even hairier.

We’ve shown you how to draw some of these details, but feel free to add more if needed! Then maybe you could go further and draw a background or some extra details.

Step 6

Now we can complete this grizzly bear drawing by adding some color in this last step. Grizzly bears come in many different colors, but for our reference image we went with a classic brown color scheme.

While keeping the colors mostly on the brown undertones, we modified them with different shades to give the bear more depth of texture. You also have some options to color it by choosing some creative art mediums while filling.

Your Grizzly Bear Drawing is Finished!

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