How to choose the best abroad education consultants in Mumbai?

Hiring a study abroad consultancy is crucial for your study abroad preparation. There are many abroad education consultants in Mumbai, and everyone may not offer the same quality of service.

Therefore, choosing the best agency for a reliable and quality service is essential. So, if you are also looking for a study abroad consultant in Mumbai, keep reading. Here we will discuss how you can identify the best abroad education consultants in Mumbai.

  • Experience-

Experience is a significant factor you must consider while choosing an abroad study consultancy. A consultancy with good experience handling many clients can also help you pursue your dream study.

Also, many years of experience is a sign of a good study abroad agency. So, always choose an abroad education consultant with at least three or more years of experience.

  • Success rate-

Another essential aspect you can consider while looking for the best abroad education consultants in Mumbai is their success rate. Having experience handling multiple clients is not enough to ensure the credibility of an abroad study consultancy; you must also check their success rate to identify whether they can help you achieve your abroad study goals. A consultancy with a higher success rate will provide quality service and ensure you get easy access to your dream education abroad.

  • Consultation services-

There are multiple overseas education consultants in Mumbai, but not all of them can provide complete guidance for their clients. Some agencies may not help you with your foreign accommodation, while others cannot offer financial aid-related information.

However, the best agency will be able to provide comprehensive assistance for your overall study preparation abroad. So, always compare the services offered by different consultancies and choose one that can provide complete guidance throughout the process.

  • Transparency-

Most students aspiring to pursue higher studies in a foreign country prefer hiring a professional study abroad consultant for guidance. And if the agency is not transparent about its procedures, it would not be easy to trust them. Also, if a consultancy is not transparent with their agreement, they can involve hidden clauses and ask you for unfair charges in future. So, make sure the study abroad consultants in Mumbai you choose can offer transparent agreement papers and clearly explain their terms and conditions.

  • Read review-

Reading reviews for any service is essential to determine whether they are worth your money and time. And this is no exception for abroad study consultancies too. Always read clients’ reviews and choose abroad education consultants in Mumbai with good client testimonials and reviews. Good reviews can ensure the quality of their service and the ability to guide you.

  • Ask for referrals-

You can also ask for previous clients’ contact information to cross-check about the agency before you make the final decision. Any good abroad study consultants in Mumbai will not hesitate to offer referrals. Also, ensure they provide recent client referrals.


With the increasing demand for education abroad, the number of study-abroad consultants in Mumbai is increasing day by day. However, choosing the best consultancy can only ensure you get the best guidance for your study preparation abroad. And you can get reliable assistance and quality service for your education abroad when you choose Numen EduServices, the best study abroad consultant in Mumbai.

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