How Custom French Fry Boxes Are Helpful in Backing Your Snack Business?

French fry is the most common and light junk food. It is the quickest-prepared savory snack. They are also served as the best sides to many dishes. These thin-shaped strips require proper packaging whether you sell them at food-truck or multi-national food chains. Custom french fry boxes are the ultimate solution to preserve fries longer. They are highly customizable. You can frame them in whatever shape, size, color, and material you want. However, kraft and cardboard papers are preferable because of their food-friendly nature.

In this blog, we will explain the importance of customized packaging for french fries and how they can greatly support alleviating the product’s sales. Hold for a few minutes, and give it a read.

Convenient and Modish Packaging Designs for French Fry Boxes Wholesale:

First of all, you can impress the buyers with easy-to-handle fries packaging. French fry boxes wholesale are flexible. So, they are adaptable to innumerable packaging solutions. You can turn them into any custom size and layout per your requirements. Usually, they come in cone-shaped, die-cut and cup or tray shapes. Cone-shaped boxes are the most favorable options. They provide a convenient holding experience to the buyers. However, trays and cup shapes boxes are suitable for serving fries at restaurants.  Thus, customers cannot hold by choosing your brand for french fries due to user-friendly packaging.

Usage of Custom French Fry Boxes to Keep Fries Fresh and Tasteful:

Apart from easy-to-use packaging, custom French fry containers are an apt solution to preserve the natural taste of delicious fries. Fries are more likely to get soggy due to the environmental elements. Cardboard paper packaging keeps moisture away from the fries. Moreover, cardboard paper is strong and provides a protective layer of projection. As a result, fries do not leak and stay fresh and warm for longer. The french lovers cannot help but become satisfied with the qualtiy packaging.

Custom French Fry Boxes 100% Recyclable and Organic Packaging Option:

Another feature that can engage the clients is the recyclable nature of custom french fry boxes wholesale. Most of the time, they are made using brown kraft paper without any prints or laminations. Kraft paper packaging is 100% disposable and organic. Apart from cardboard, paper is recommended for printed packaging. Using biodegradable laminations like aqueous coating, you can give cardboard paper an organic look.

Custom Printed French Fry Boxes: Useful Mechanism for Brand’s Advertisement

Custom-printed french fry boxes are the easiest reasonable way to excel in the competitive environment. Printable cardboard boxes are the best choice to advertise your food brand and make fries packaging tempting. You can imprint a logo or promotional tag lines to add a personal and promotional touch to the packaging. Moreover, the enchanting color schemes and add-ons like die-cuts can be the cherry on top in fries packaging.

Buy Affordable Custom French Fry Boxes in Bulk Orders:

In the end, custom french fry boxes in abundance can be a great help in saving a substantial amount of money. The more you buy, the more it will prove cheap for you. Are you hesitating from ordering in bulk due to quality reservations? Don’t become worried. You can lean on iCustomBoxes. We always offer our first-quality services whether the clients have small or huge orders. In addition, we also offer deals on large-quantity orders.

iCustomBoxes: Ultimate Place for Custom Printed Noodle Boxes

why choose us irrespective of innumerable options in the market? This is a must-question emerging in your mind. Its answer lies in our incredible services. iCustomBoxes is a first-class facility recognizable worldwide due to its remarkable services. We are customizing boxes for all industrial purposes. You can buy personalized custom printed noodle boxes and fries boxes in various sizes and shapes. In addition, we facilitate our customers in the following ways such as:

  • free shipment worldwide
  • Zero plates and die-cut charges
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Top-nothc printing methods
  • Live chat facility
  • Design mock-ups
  • Customer support 24 hours
  • Market competitive prices


Can I obtain a design mock-up before the final approval?

Of course, we offer design samples in digital forms at the client’s request. We do not charge for them.

Is our custom french fry boxes recyclable?

Yes, brown kraft boxes are 100% biodegradable due to their uncoated nature. However, cardboard boxes are partially recyclable if you laminate them with non-eco-friendly coatings.

Do you offer printed noodle boxes wholesale?

Yes, we do design custom french fry boxes at wholesale prices. Moreover, we offer discounts on large amounts of orders.


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