House Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

The interior lighting of a house does not simply mean placing random lamps and light bulbs in every room. Lighting adds personality to a home. It must be both functional and aesthetic.

Most of the time It is not given the attention it deserves. In this article, we will explain the different types and characteristics of home lighting.

Different home lighting types:

Before building a new home or renovating an existing one, it is important to plan the lighting. We must first divide the types of lighting in homes by their source.

Natural lighting is defined as light that comes from solar power. Artificial light is any other source than the sun. It is always better to choose natural light, but at least 8 hours of the day, will not suffice to illuminate your home.

Depending on how artificial light is used, you can achieve different concepts in the home.

You should also consider that depending on the way the light points are placed, you can achieve direct or indirect illumination, which will alter the mood of the room.


General lighting

According to Vaughan renovations experts, this is a great option for rooms with a need for uniform and functional lighting. This type of lighting relies on combining direct and indirect light.

This type of lighting is best used in areas like the kitchen and passageways such as hallways where visibility is important.


Ambient lighting

It is best to use softer and more relaxed lighting in rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms where atmosphere is key. It is best to use indirect, dim lighting in these situations, which will create different sensations.


Decorative lighting

Lighting is used to highlight a particular space or object. This is where direct light comes into play. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a great option for any space.

You can create unique effects in your home by using various types of lighting for homes. You can create the illusion of movement by using kinetic lighting, such as oil lamps, candles, or fireplaces.


Why is it important to have a good home lighting system?

Lighting in the home is not just decorative, but also a part of what makes the house a comfortable place.
A poorly lit space can not only cause discomfort but also create problems.

A well-lit house, whether it’s by artificial lighting or natural light, will make the space feel larger and more comfortable.


How can I increase the natural light in my home?

It is possible to increase the amount of light in your home by opening new windows. It is important to provide a complete lighting circuit in many homes.

The best way to do this is to make use of all the daylight during the day so that your home is fully illuminated at night. Morning and afternoon.

Even if the original design did not include them, they can be added to provide additional light. This type of renovation is subject to a permit and project because it involves modifying the structure of the house.


How are light points distributed in a house?

It can be a complex task to install new lighting in a construction project. A room mustn’t have any dark corners. This is why we use cross-lighting or addressable lightpoints, which allows us to direct light to the areas where there are dark spots.

Remember that light points are used to support natural light. It is therefore important to identify the areas in the home where the light from the windows doesn’t reach.

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