High Technology and Human Development

Some basic premises – often fashioned by leaders and supported by the led – exercise the collective conscience of the led in so far as they stimulate a willed development. The development is usually superior but not necessarily civilized. The premises in question are of this form: “Our level of technological advancement is second to none. Upon reaching this level, we also have to prepare our society for peace, and to guarantee the peace, technology must be revised to foster the policy of war.” Technological advancement that is pushed in this direction sets a dangerous precedent for other societies that fear a threat to their respective sovereignties. They are pushed to also foster a war technology. https://rpacket.com/look-wellsaid-vocalid-aihao-mit-technologyreview/

In the domain of civilization, this mode of development is not praiseworthy, nor is it morally justifiable. Since it is not morally justifiable, it is socially irresponsible. An inspection of the premises will reveal that it is the last one that poses a problem. The last premise is the conclusion of two preceding premises but is not in any way logically deduced. What it shows is a passionately deduced conclusion, and being so, it fails to be reckoned as a conclusion from a rationally prepared mind, at least at the time at which it was deduced.

A society that advances according to the above presuppositions – and especially according to the illogical conclusion – has transmitted the psyche of non-negotiable superiority to its people. All along, the power of passion dictates the pace of human conduct. Whether in constructive engagements or willed partnerships, the principle of equality fails to work precisely because of the superiority syndrome that grips the leader and the led. And a different society that refuses to share in the collective sensibilities or passion of such society has, by the expected logic, become a potential or actual enemy and faces confrontation on all possible fronts.

Most of what we learn about the present world, of course, via the media, is dominated by state-of-the-art technology. Societies that have the most of such technology are also, time and again, claimed to be the most advanced. It is not only their advancement that lifts them to the pinnacle of power, superiority, and fame. They can also use technology to simplify and move forward an understanding of life and nature in a different direction, a direction that tends to eliminate, as much as possible, a prior connection between life and nature that was, in many respects, mystical and unsafe. This last point does not necessarily mean that technological advancement is a mark of a superior civilization

Geo-Cache Your Way to a Home Sale

https://getmuzz.com/craigslist-vt/ If you’re looking for an interesting way of showcasing your homes, introducing clients to your area or making an otherwise boring home hunting trip into an interesting one, why not try geocaching? Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors and make traversing a community more fun. It also can be the doorway to new ideas on how to market your homes and get the attention of people who are on the fence about buying.

If you’re an accomplished cacher, you know what “geocaching” means. If not, here’s a brief overview: Geocaching began in the year 2000 when people realized that Global Positioning Systems (GPS) could be used to pinpoint locations where a cache was hidden. This cache usually took the form of plastic or metal canisters which housed tradable items and a logbook. It has grown to nearly 850,000 caches logged around the world. For more information about geocaching, head over to geocaching.com

You might think that this is kind of crazy – what does geocaching have to do with home sales? Niche marketing is the answer. The concept isn’t new; there are currently “bicycle Realtors® who offer bicycle tours of homes for sale. There are realties that offer weekly real estate walking tours. So why not take advantage of one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports to encourage people to buy?

If you have clients who are geocachers or are outdoors inclined, a geocache hunt may be a great way to spend an afternoon touring the city. Offering a “Geocache Tour” of your area is an unusual and fun way of getting people interested in the neighborhoods they visit in the course of the tour. Geocaching is growing into a hugely popular sport and many people scouting out locations for their new home would be happy to know that there are a large number of caches in the area.

The geocaching principle can also be used for clients who are house touring. In addition to being a great way to take a break from house touring, your GPS can be used to plot the course of your home tours so that your clients can later review them, along with pictures. This can be a good way to give your clients a little extra information to work with when they make their choice.

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