Google Pixel 7 Pro Issues That Top Experts Can Repair

Google always offers devices with unique functionalities and best-in-class features. One such device is the Google Pixel 7 pro, with many useful features. Pixel devices are famous for their outstanding camera performance. But, like any other gadget, these best-in-class phones also come with some issues and can malfunction. So you need to take your Google Pixel 7 pro to a professional repairer for its repair. Generally, expert technicians can repair almost all Google pixel 7 pro issues.

This article will discuss the issues which top experts can repair carefully.


The screen of the google pixel 7 pro is a marvel. From color accuracy to excellent brightness, it provides good image detail, making viewing content a good experience. But if the screen gets cracked, it might ruin your experience. Using your phone with a cracked screen is frustrating and can lead to overheating or injury. In addition, repetitive activities, such as typing, tapping, or swiping on your phone’s screen with a cracked screen, can cause finger or hand injury. So, expect it to be repaired by an expert, as the technicians have the latest tools and techniques to replace your cracked screen or repair whatever issue you have with your screen. Moreover, suitable screen replacement can extend your device life, so Google repair services are among the issues that top experts can expertly do.

Charging Port

The device not charging is a common problem. Some signs of a damaged charging port include Broken Pins in Phone Charger Port, debris in the phone charging port, defective phone battery, etc. Google Pixel 7 pro is the new iteration, so in case you face any such issue in its charging port, you need to get it fixed by an expert technician. Sometimes, you might need a technician to clean its charging port carefully. Other times your Google pixel 7 pro needs a complete repair or replacement. Whatever the issue is, the experts will thoroughly inspect the internal components of your google pixel 7 pro and then fix it. So, if you are experiencing problems with your device’s charging port, get it repaired by an expert technician.


Like most smartphones, the Google Pixel 7 pro has two microphones, one at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom microphone is located next to the USB connector. If the mic is not producing the right sound and nothing works, you need to get it repaired by a technician. As it is a new device, only technicians can accurately repair it. They have the necessary tools for repairing the internal components of the device. You might also expect the device to get fixed on the same day.

Proximity Sensor

Sometimes the proximity sensor in google pixel 7 pro might face issues working correctly. Although the Google pixel proximity sensor issue is not standard hardware, it happens sometimes. For example, suppose you have dropped your phone recently or been in an accident. In that case, users might also face this issue after screen replacement as there are chances that something is blocking the proximity sensor. If the proximity sensor stops working, it can cause problems such as pocket dials, battery drains, putting on hold, or face unlock fails. In addition, you might face disturbances when the phone comes close to you. Software updates cannot solve this issue as it is a hardware issue. So, you need to get it checked by an expert if the problem is not fixed even after updating it.


It is the delicate part of your phone and can be susceptible to damage. Liquid exposure or accidental drops can cause your speaker damage. Muffled, distorted sounds in your google pixel 7 pro, caused by a broken phone speaker, can make using your phone nearly impossible. After exhausting all other options and your phone isn’t playing audio from the speaker, you need to get it fixed by an expert. They diagnose the problem with your speaker and suggest whether it needs repair or replacement. Then, they can get your speakers working again.

To get your google Pixel 7 Pro repaired, consult an expert technician. They take care of your smartphones and provide a warranty for screen replacement.

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