Emerald Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

The emerald gemstone is the most well-known gemstone found on Earth. Also known as Panna in Hindi, this stone is one of the nine most astrologically powerful gemstones. According to astrologers, this stone contains immense power and the wearer can get many benefits out of this stone.

This dark green colored stone is mystically beautiful and for its beauty it is used all over the world for making decorative items and jewelry. Symbolizing luxury and royalty, the emerald stone is recommended to people who want to gain self-confidence, self-awareness, and mental peace.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss the different benefits of the emerald stone and the powers this stone can empower its wearer.

Emerald Stone Origin

As per scholars, the emerald stone was found in great numbers in Egypt. These days, this stone is mostly found in the mines of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia, Australia, the United States, Zambia, and Columbia.

The best-quality of emerald gemstones are found in Columbia, Zambia, and Brazil.

Astrological Benefits of the Emerald Stone

The emerald stone has been known for its ability to increase the self-confidence of the wearer. Astrologically this stone is known to provide its wearer many advantages, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Many benefits of wearing an emerald stone are as follows:

Increasing the self-confidence of the person who wears the emerald stone enhances communication skills, self-expression, and public speaking skills. Hence, this stone is recommended to people who are in the profession of academics, research, law, judgeship, public speaking, etc.

  • This stone also promotes intellectual skills and increases focus and concentration in its wearer, so if you are a student you should wear this stone.

  • Creative skills and creative thinking also increase in the person, so if your imagination is your work, this stone will help you get success.

  • The emerald stone also decreases stress and anxiety in the wearer. It calms the person, enhances peace, and soothes the wearer. Due to its ability to give peace, the Panna stone is also known to reduce depression.

  • Indeed, the emerald maintains a balance in thoughts and helps the wearer in making better decisions for themselves. It also keeps the person optimistic and makes the aura around the person positive.

  • Being a stone with the power of the earth, it is believed that this stone protects the wearer from evil spirits and negative energies.

  • If you are suffering from nightmares, this stone will also protect you from them.

  • Increasing harmony between family members, this stone increases love in your life. Hence, this stone is used highly as a gift.

  • Additionally, the emerald stone gives spiritual enlightenment to the wearer, it connects the person with the god and helps you with meditation.

Moreover, the Panna stone is known to have many healing properties. If you are suffering from any problems related to eyes, ears, skin, speech disorders, brain, and kidneys, then you should wear this stone.

Also, the nervous system and respiratory system-related diseases are aided by the energy of the emerald gemstone.

Who Should Wear the Emerald Stone?

This beautiful stone suits everyone’s personality there is no doubt about that but it does not suit every zodiac sign.

As per the astrologers, people born under the sun signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius can wear this gemstone.

Although, before wearing a gemstone you should ask an astrologer if the emerald stone suits your birth chart or horoscope. Only if the stone is suiting your fate, you should wear it. Also, ensure that you are wearing the stone with other stone which is going along with it.

Emerald Gemstone Price

The emerald is an expensive stone because it is hard to find and then. After all, it is one of the most hardest and durable stones in the world. This is why the cut is given to an emerald also makes it expensive.

The price of Original Emeralds stone in India starts from 800 Per Carat To 50000 Per Carat. It can go above this based on the origin, cut, clarity, quality, and weight of the stone.

Summing Up

History says that the emerald stone is so powerful that it was seen as a gateway to heaven, a connection between god and humans. This stone will not only help the wearer gain personality development but also it will protect the person from various negative influences.

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