Can I get Twitter Downloader for iOS?

Watching and sharing videos on Twitter is easy, but downloading them to your device is pretty tough since Twitter doesn’t allow its users to download videos. It will be especially hard if you are an iOS user because the Apple operating system has many restrictions thinking about its users’ safety. But do you know there is a way to do that task easily? To do that, you’ll need an application like Twitter Downloader. This amazing tool helps you to download Twitter videos into your iPhone directly. 

So read through the article to find out how to download videos from Twitter to your iOS device like iPhone, or iPad. 

Everything you should know about this smart downloader

Twitter Downloader is a free online tool to download Twitter videos, images, and GIFs directly from Twitter. It comes as a web-based tool so you do not have to download or install any third-party apps into your iOS device. This smart tool simply works with all the web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and more. The best part is it not only supports iOS devices, but is also compatible with smartphones running Android OS, computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and tablets. 

You can download unlimited Twitter videos and it never asks for your login or sign-in information to use its service. It’s a simple, easy and yet powerful tool that comes with an easy interface. You do not need any technical knowledge to use its service. So get your favorite videos, images, and GIFs directly from Twitter to your iOS immediately. 

Why should you use this incredible Twitter Downloader?

Do you ever want to send a funny video or meme to your friend who doesn’t use Twitter? But Twitter does not allow its users to download any media from its platform. Because of the copyright rules of the platform. However, what if there is a method to download these media without much hassle? 

As an iOS user, you may know that there are many methods to download Twitter media like screen recording, using shortcut applications, third-party apps, and web browsers. Those methods come with more downsides. So here we come up with the best solution; Twitter Downloader. It is a fast, super easy and perfect option for all users. 

Can I use this unique tool on iOS?

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your device. Because Apple comes with many restrictions to keep their users safe. So you can’t download Twitter videos online using the Safari browser. But for iOS 13 or later users, they give access to get Twitter videos on their iDevice. Don’t worry if you are an iOS 12 or below user, just download and install the “Document by Readdle” from Apple Apps Store and you are ready to go.

How to use video downloader for Twitter on iPhone & iPad

You already know that this amazing Twitter video download online tool helps users simply download their favorite videos from Twitter. The downloading process is quite simple, all you have to do is simply copy and paste the URL. 

So follow the below steps to download your favorite Twitter videos on your iPhone or iPad even without annoying watermarks. 

Simple steps to download Twitter video without watermark

  1. Copy the video URL

Go to Twitter and find the video you want to download. Copy the video link by clicking the Share button and find the “Copy link to Tweet” option. 

 2. Paste the video URL

Go to Twitter Downloader on your device and paste the URL into the input box at the top of the Twitter video Downloader page. 

 3. Download the video

Click the “Download” button and choose the video quality you want to download. 

How to get the video link for Twitter?

If you are looking for how to copy the video URL of your Twitter video, it’s just simple. Find the video or image you want to download and click the Share icon at the right bottom of the video/ image. Go through the options and find “Copy Link to Tweet”. Now you have your favorite video/ image link copied to your clipboard. That’s all!

How well-versed in the features of this fantastic tool are you?

Do you know this free Twitter Downloader comes best among other tools? It’s because of all the incredible features it allows its users. So what makes this amazing video downloader for Twitter the best? Let’s find out.

  • The best tool to download Twitter videos, images, and GIFs.
  • Download Twitter media with high quality and original resolution
  • Easy, simple and one-click download facilities.
  • It has the quickest download speed.
  • No need to sign in or login to any accounts.
  • Save unlimited videos, images, and GIFs from Twitter.
  • Never ask you to download or install third-party applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about this tool

Here are some most asked questions about Twitter Downloader

  1. Where do Twitter videos save after downloading?

Twitter videos usually save to your download folder or “Photos” folder on your iPhone. If you are an Android user, it will save to your device “Gallery”.

 2. Can I download Twitter videos while live streaming?

You can’t download Twitter videos while live streaming. You have to wait until the live streaming is over. 

 3. Is this video downloader for Twitter safe to use?

Yes, the Twitter media downloader is safe for all users. It never asks for your private information or login details to download Twitter images, videos, and GIFs.

 4. Is it free to use this downloader on Twitter?

Yes. Downloading videos from Twitter is completely free for all devices. You do not have to pay a single penny to use this amazing tool. 

 5. Does this tool have any limit to downloading videos?

No. you can download unlimited Twitter videos, images, and GIFs using this tool without any limit. 

Summing Up the article

In brief, Twitter Downloader is the best tool to download videos, images, and GIFs directly from Twitter. It comes with many amazing features to make their downloading experience a smart and memorable one. So why are you waiting any longer? Use this amazing downloader and get your favorite media into your handset unlimitedly.

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