Best places to visit in Ontario


Ontario is one of the best places if you are thinking of one for your vacation. The place is home to Canada’s capital city Toronto. When you are visiting Canada you need to visit Ontario. This is because it is one of the places that will help you to explore some of the exciting places. So, let us have a look at some of these places and attractions that you should surely visit on your trip back here.


Grotto is one of the interesting places that you can visit. The shipwrecks attracted here have had icy waters since 2000. You will find a lot of photographers and instagrammers here to capture the beautiful views. You can make a reservation to watch the turquoise waters that shimmer like a cave. The day trip can be taken with the guide to better understand the places. A hike along the lake and the bays would also be interesting. You can book your frontier airlines ticket to get the best offers for your flights.

Flowerpot island

Flowerpot island is one of the iconic places to be visited in Ontario. It is located in the Fathom Five national park and the place is frequently visited by tourists. The pillars as well as the caves of the island help to attract the boat tours, day trippers and even a lot of hikers. So, if you are an adventure lover then this is the right place for you to be and you can choose to be here for the amazing views.

White river

White river is one of the best and exciting places for your kids. It is regarded to be one of the most iconic places of Canada. White river is mostly famous for Winnie the Pooh. But the place even has historical significance which shows that a hunter shot the bear cub’s mother here and brought the cub back to town for petting him. 

Big Nickel In Sudbury

If you are in Canada then you are going to find a lot of roadside attractions as the place is famous for that. The most famous roadside attraction for people here is the big nickel. It is located at the Dynamic Earth Science museum and was built in 1964. The place was to pay homage to the mining industry. Thus, the place is very famous and if you are planning to be here. This should surely be your stop.

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Niagara Falls

For the visitors who are visiting the place for the first time, this could be an ultimate place. If you have been to Victoria or to Iguazu then you can stack up against them. Niagara falls is very unique and since the city is built around it, it looks even more beautiful. There are a lot of amazing attractions here and you can explore the scenery and the adventures here.

So, book your tickets for the place to have an interesting time. Moreover,  you can book your flights with the frontier airlines booking to get the best deals and prices for your flights.

Prince Edward County: 

Wine aficionados and food enthusiasts will find their haven in Prince Edward County. This up-and-coming wine region is home to numerous wineries that produce exceptional vintages. Take a wine tour to sample local wines while enjoying the stunning vineyard landscapes. The county also offers a burgeoning culinary scene, with farm-to-table dining experiences that showcase the region’s fresh produce and artisanal products.

Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula: 

Tobermory, located at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, is a gateway to natural wonders both above and below the water. The clear blue waters of Georgian Bay are perfect for swimming and kayaking, while Fathom Five National Marine Park boasts numerous shipwrecks that are a delight for divers. The Bruce Peninsula National Park offers hiking trails that lead to viewpoints with breathtaking vistas of the peninsula’s rugged coastline.

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