Benefits of Canadian Citizenship



You enjoy many rights as Canadian citizens or legal permanent residents. You can access public healthcare and education in Canada, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects and guarantees your freedoms. While the rest of the world mourns America’s profusion of anti-immigration disputes and legislation, some immigrants seek permanent residence abroad. As a result, Canada is now seen as a viable alternative for people who desire to live the American Dream.


Reasons Why Getting A Canadian Citizenship Might Be The Idea

  • Having Unrestricted Access to Travel

If you are a citizen of Canada, you are eligible to apply for a passport. In contrast to PR cards, passports only need to be renewed every five to ten years. The Canadian identity is one of the best in the world. People with Canadian passports are not subject to visa restrictions in many countries worldwide. Reentering the country with your permanent residence travel credentials may be more complex than your Canadian passport.

  • You Can Live Anywhere.

If you wish to live wherever you want for however long, you will probably still acquire Canadian citizenship. Unlike permanent residents, Canadian citizens are not subject to residency limitations. The only restriction is that Canadians who have resided abroad for more than five years cannot vote in federal elections. 

  • Passport

Residents of Canada are awarded a passport, which is easier to renew and does so less frequently than a permit allowing for indefinite residence. The passport makes obtaining a visa easier when needed and allows you to visit several countries without needing one. It should be made clear that this privilege only applies to travel and does not entitle the bearer to any occupational protection. With an international passport, you can enter Canada without issues. If you travel with a Canadian passport, you can also rely on the protection of Canadian diplomats and embassies worldwide if you encounter difficulties abroad. 

  • Politics

This is because they can vote in federal, provincial, and municipal elections, seek office, and get involved in other political causes, giving them a say in who leads the country’s numerous governing bodies. You may include a town, a city, a school district, a region, a territory, or an entire nation. People may run for office as members of recognized parties or as members of alternative parties. 

  • High Levels of Diversity

Under the direction of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada openly began a program to promote multicultural diversity in the 1970s, and it has since significantly shaped Canadian identity. Among affluent countries, Canada has one of the highest per-capita immigration rates. Canada is also acclaimed for its “diversity”-based strategy for diversification, which enables people from different cultures to live side by side peacefully while keeping their diverse religious beliefs and cultural traditions.

  • Extremely Inclusive and Gender-Neutral

Canada is commended for its inclusivity and variety in various contexts and for being a diverse country. The LGBTQ community is well-supported in this country. Canada became the first nation outside Europe to permit same-sex unions in 2005, reaching the fourth-highest position globally. Women in Canada also have a strong voice. After winning the 2015 election for prime minister, Justin Trudeau promised a gender-balanced government. It has long been acknowledged that participation, access to services for pregnancy prevention, and abortion are all fundamental rights for women.


These were some benefits of moving to Canada from India and getting Canadian citizenship. 


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